Rudra protects Amrit and brings Holy Ganga back; Garuda’s sacrifice marks the end of Mahakumbh



Dakshak is laying a plan to win over the Garudas. He wants to get the holy Amrit to have Naag rule over the world and makes Dansh his follower again. Dansh tells him that this is his fight and he is the Naagvansh head. Dakshak warns him to obey him and threatens to bring the truth out to Rudra. Dansh tries to divide and rule, and takes Katherine aside. He takes revenge for her slap and kills her. Rudra tells Shivanand that Dansh has evil on his mind and he has taken away Katherine. He says he will not spare Dansh and is just helpless as he needs Dansh to unlock the final door. Rudra does not know that Dansh is not the last Naag. Dakshak asks Dansh to side with him, else he can’t save him from Garudas. Bhairavi stops the minister from drilling the Ganga ghat to get water, as it will permanently ruin the water bed. She asks him to wait till Garuda head brings Ganga back. Rudra and remaining Garudas meet Vibhishan who is the guard of the 4th door and has to overpower him to get to the next door. The Garudas proceed by their determination and unfortunately every door takes sacrifice of one Garuda.

Later on, Rudra gets to know this truth and gets angry on Dansh after knowing he has killed Katherine. Rudra sees Naag Mahaguru Dakshak and understands that he is the protector of the seventh door. He kills Dansh to end his evil and this marks the death of the Naag head. Rudra gets heavy heart to see sacrifices of each Garudas at every door, and gets Amrit after crossing the final door. There is a fight between Rudra and Dakshak. Rudra gets the Holy Ganga back and saves the belief of millions of devotees. Amrit is restored in safe place back in the earth and Naags and evil powers fail to get it. The Garudas do their duty to protecting Amrit and give up their lives in their mission. The show is ending on 9th July 2015, and going to replace by Ek Nayi Umeed – Roshni, TV series based on doctors’ life and their journey, @ 8 PM time slot.



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