#GirlsHaveEqualRights: Sanyukta stands tall with Courage to Fight for her Rights and Gender Equality


Sanyukta and every Girl should have Equal Rights to have gender equality

Sanyukta finds herself facing backlash at the hands of the dream team and also Randhir after she reveals on not able to financially support the sponsorship. Randhir who had earlier dismissed other’s opinion that Sanyukta is a selfish girl, now changes his stance and calls her as selfish. She gets hurt with Randhir and her outbursts land on him. The question that comes, whether Randhir realizes Sanyukta’s current emotional state: fighting indifference and inequality, and her stance, and provide her support and love since she needs them the most.

Sanyukta has decided to live her dreams which was her mom’s last wishes, and thus shunned the decision to sell her business stakes for money. She is well aware of her capabilities and wants to see every girl get equal rights. The dream team is much concerned about sponsorship and couldn’t able to see why Sanyukta backed out from supporting them. Abhay Singh Ranawat [ASR] steps in to inculculate team spirit and how everyone should be doing best not just the captain to succeed in solving challenges and hurdles. Apart from bringing sponsors on-board, the dream team faces challenges to keep up in the design and innovation. For Sanyukta to succeed in going against her family for her rights & gender equality means she needs to win back the support of not only the dream team but also of Randhir. Will Sanyukta with her courage & believe win the battle for gender equality and rights ?


[youtube id=https://youtu.be/tF2pdB-P3U8]



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