Ruhi’s wish of sibling saddens Ishita; Sarika scrutinizes Romi’s change in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi in YHM

Ruhi is back in the Bhalla house after ending her summer vacation. She has enjoyed a lot in her holidays and gives a surprise to her family by her entry. Everyone get glad seeing Ruhi. Ishita hugs her and is happy to see her angel back. Ruhi meets Vandu’s baby and gets into a fight with Shravan. Shravan asks Ruhi not to see the baby as it is his sister. He asks Ruhi to take Vandu’s permission and Ruhi argues with him. They both fight and the family tries to calm down. Ruhi cries and asks Ishita and Raman to get a baby for her. Ishita gets sad and leaves from there. Ruhi realizes Ishita got hurt and goes to make up to her. Romi’s baby will be soon making an entry in Bhalla house.

Simmi boosts Romi’s confidence by taking computer classes from him and paying him advance salary. Romi does not get any job having left studies incomplete and realizes how careless he was. He buys a gift for his son and fails to meet him. Raman wants to help Romi indirectly and make him independent soon, so that the baby can come home. Romi has one month time and he worries as days are passing off. The next track will be showing Romi’s job and Sarika’s entry back in his life. Abhishek finds out about Romi and Sarika’s relation. Will Abhishek teach lesson to Romi or help him by seeing repentance in Romi’s eyes? Keep reading.



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