Misunderstanding, Jealousy and Ego to ruin Samar and Laxmi’s relation in Dream Girl



Laxmi is angry on Samar for spoiling her dress, which Ayesha did. Samar and Laxmi get into an argument. Samar comes to know about Laxmi’s dad’s minor attack and feels bad to doubt on her and Karan. He thinks to apologize to her and also meet her dad at her home. Samar goes to her home, and sees Laxmi and Karan laughing, as if nothing happened. He gets angry and thinks maybe Karan lied to them. Samar gets jealous seeing Laxmi happy with Karan. Ayesha finds a way to be around Laxmi and Samar always on the sets.


Later on, Samar and Laxmi come for their scene rehearsals. Manav asks them to do their best and hopes that Ayesha’s workshop is making them get the best of their talents and coordination. Manav does not know Samar and Laxmi’s relation. Samar and Laxmi start acting in the scene and bring their own inputs in it. The scene goes well by their improvisation. Karan asks Samar to hug the heroine Vidya in the scene, and Samar excuses himself saying he is unable to emote romance opposite Laxmi. Samar shows tantrums again and disrespects her, which makes Karan stand for Laxmi. Ayesha gets glad to see Karan becoming a hurdle between them, even when Karan wishes to unite Laxmi and Samar. Will Samar get to know of Laxmi’s decision of accepting Raj’s love before knowing his real identity? Keep reading.



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