Aaliya takes Bulbul’s place to marry Purab; Bulbul’s death news shocks everyone in KumKum Bhagya


Kumkum Bhagya poster

Aaliya wonders with Pragya’s smart move. Purab was about to marry Bulbul, but Aaliya turned up as the bride at the Mandap. The family is not aware of Aaliya’s presence behind the veil. Aaliya plays her ploy, but the question mark persists on her marriage. Aaliya thinks once marriage gets done then nothing can be done. She wears similar bridal dress as Bulbul. Abhi gets doubt on Aaliya as the bride and it has to be seen whether she reveals her face after the marriage or before.

Abhi gets suspicious seeing the bride’s bracelet resembling Aaliya’s one. He lifts the ghunghat and reveals Aaliya’s face. He slaps Aaliya and scolds her. Aaliya holds Purab’s hand and says she will never leave him, she loves him a lot. Purab says leave my hand and get angry. Pragya scolds her that she does not deserve any relation in her life. Aaliya tricks them that she has killed Bulbul and asks Purab to marry him. Purab breaks down and weeps. The truth is Bulbul is alive and Aaliya just lies to fool Purab. Abhi feels disgusted by Aaliya’s move. Pragya and Abhi get shocked, and Purab runs from the venue to find Bulbul. Abhi drags Aaliya and says he will never forgive her for this. He is totally shocked by her madness and is ashamed of her doings. Abhi consoles Pragya and gives her hope that Bulbul will be alright. They all start finding Bulbul. Will Bulbul and Purab get married? On another front, Pragya speaks to herself on the sacrifice for family’s sake and informs Dadi on doing the abortion. Keep reading.


  1. With the way this show keeps deviating from whatever we read from reviews it only shows that the writers of the show don’t know what they are doing. Right now with this stupid development they need to scrap the show. Since the writers of the show don’t think that viewers opinion matters. Here we pay for cables to watch this crap and it’s not worth it

    • so true I also pay for zee tv but I don’t watch no more of this crap I just read it and that’s it

      I rather watch Aap ka colours and Sony

  2. actually Ekta kapoor likes to drag on her drama’s and most of the time she has no story I am so sick of her drama’s and KUM KUM BHAGYA IS AT LOST NOW, I wish shabbier ahluwalia quit kum kum bhagya and go for another better drama.

    and really I am sick of bulbul and Tanu


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