Neil turns bridesmaid for Sam; Radhika brings Nandini’s truth out in Manmarzian



Radhika gets unwilling to stay at home and asks Saral to let her go in Sam’s engagement and stop it. Saral scolds her seeing her stubbornness and thinks Radhika is after Arjun. Saral does not allow her and Radhika still goes to stop Sam’s engagement, realizing Arjun is hiding Nandini’s truth. She takes the torn pic with Nandini’s face still seen in it. Neil makes Sam ready by making her wear her jewelry and also does her hairdo. He makes her look more beautiful and keeps his friendship well. He makes her ready for her engagement and wants to see her happy. He is hurt that Sam loves Arjun. He is selfless and smiles seeing love in her heart for Arjun. Sam looks gorgeous and he flirts with her in his friendly style. Neil was confused to choose her accessories and turns into her brides’ maid. Neil wishes to leave from her life once she marries Arjun, but the twist comes as Neil’s way gets cleared, thanks to Radhika.

Radhika meets Sam in the engagement function and shows her the pic and tells her that Arjun regards Nandini his sister. She is sure that Arjun is hiding a big thing from them, which may affect Sam’s future. Sam confronts Arjun about his relation with Nandini and stops her engagement. Arjun gets tensed when Sam asks him the truth. Radhika asks Sam not to get engaged with Arjun, till his intentions become crystal clear. Sam and Arjun’s marriage will not going to happen, after Radhika and Neil get together to bring out total truth of Arjun. How will Arjun clear Nandini’s matter before it reaches Samrat? Keep reading.



  1. Hmmm Neil thumare haalat toh eisi hey jeise ‘meri adhuri kahani ‘ …. Don’t worry par voh pura ho hi jayaga ….
    Wow Neil and chasni to team up its fab news …. Get going chasni ..


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