Jodha worries much with Salim and Akbar’s defiant stance towards Anarkali in Jodha Akbar



Jodha faces a big worry and tough time with Salim’s love and proposal of marrying Anarkali comes to the knowledge of Akbar. Akbar makes it clear to Jodha and Salim individually that he won’t accept Salim marrying a dancer Anarkali. For Akbar, his promise to Bhagwan Das for Maan Bai as Salim’s bride, and the king’s self-respect matters most since Salim going to be the next king and recipient of his throne. Jodha tries to pacify Akbar and put forward Salim’s love interest and feelings but in vain. Salim got instigated by Ruks about Jodha’s delay in speaking to Akbar and this makes him to not keep hopes with his mum though she supports him and his love.

Akbar & Salim take opposite routes with Salim steering ahead to ask Zil for Anarkali’s hand for marriage, and Akbar going ahead with his defiance and making clear to Jodha that Salim’s marriage with Maan Bai going to happen with or without Salim’s approval. Although Anarkali knows of Salim’s endearing support, but her own identity of being a dancer lowers her confidence and also a big obstacle in coming close to Salim. She gets a boost with Salim’s proposal for her in-front of Zil. What will be Zil’s answer to Salim, and how it is going to affect Salim-Anarkali’s relationship ?


Amidst these developments, Ruks plays her game with intentions to hurt Jodha, and to have upper hand in all the wives of Akbar. Will she able to succeed in her plotting ?


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