Ishani compels RV to show concern for her; Ritika goes on with cover-up, and believe: ‘Cheaters won’t get caught’


Ishani and RV

Ishani continues to stay in RV’s home while enacting the memory loss: partial amnesia condition in order to expose Ritika’s full-fledged truth at an opportune time.  Moreover, she gets support from the lawyers in securing her stay since she made all believe that her recovery is possible with RV around her. Later, Ishani tries to come close to RV so as to make him stay away from Ritika. She engages in a small tiff and fight with RV and tries to not listen to him. During this time, she was about to fall after not listening to RV’s pleas but he manages to help by holding her in his arms. Ishani has her plans active and shows her jealousy for Ritika to make RV continue to believe on her memory loss.

After saving her from the fall, RV shows his concern as she recently got injured due to accident and now in recovery mode. He continues to remain blinded about Ritika and wants to be on her side because of their friendship. With Shikhar on her side, Ishani gradually tries to trap Ritika, and see her exposing herself by blurting out the truth on crimes. Ritika develops worry with Ishani’s presence, and also because of her crimes: Falguni’s murder, fake father identity of her unborn Child: Sharman instead of Chirag, trying to kill Ishani. As Ishani progresses to unearth Ritika’s lies starting from the identity of the unborn child’s father, Ritika gets restless and put efforts to cover-up on her crimes in her unethical and crime-driven ways. Will RV ever come to know of Ritika’s real truth and crimes ?



  1. He should come to knw …. Then only ishveer scenes can b seen …. But after ritika’s revelation ishaani shld not go back to shekar … Plzzz


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