Sandhya bids bye to Sooraj; Mission Mahabali initiates in Diya Aur…


Sandhya in dual role of Sagarika in DABH

Sandhya’s participation in Mission Mahabali is going to make her stay away from Sooraj for a considerable amount of time and moreover she has inhibitions about her life, but regards her duty as the foremost and above all. She gets thoughts on what will Sooraj feel after she leaves him for her mission without giving him definite details. She gives the brief about Mission Mahabali to officer Bharat. He asks her to keep the details very confidential. Sandhya succeeds in making Bhabho and Emily patch up and Sooraj does his duty by ending Chavi’s annoyance for Emily. The family happily accepts Emily back and Sandhya is happy to do her duty towards them.


The next track in the show will be having a Shiv Abhishek and a play in Hanuman Gali. It is a play about Lord Shiv and his two wives Sati and Parvati. Sandhya gets the role of Sati and is jealous of Laali doing the role of Parvati. She tells Sooraj that she will be doing both the roles and she can’t bear his second wife even while acting. Sooraj convinces her to play just Sati and she can’t play double roles in the play. He explains her that she will be his wife forever and calms her growing fears. He explains her how Shiv’s wife Sati sacrificed herself and later his second wife Parvati was a reincarnation of Sati.

Sandhya gets glad and says she will be his wife in all her births. Sandhya takes the avatar of Sati while Sooraj takes the avatar of Mahadev and Meenakshi dons the role of Narad Muni. Sandhya as Sati opens-up on her situation in-front of Mahadev. She tells the things she can’t say directly to Sooraj. She explains that she has hidden her duty, her feelings and emotional dilemma from Sooraj. Mahadev listens to her earnest words and tries to bring relief to her. Sandhya’s Mission Mahabali is going ahead at good pace with Himanshu going to take her for her mannat. Bharat and Sandhya take Himanshu and board the train, where they plan to grab him alone. Will Sandhya succeed in her mission? Keep reading.

Sandhya in dual role as Sagarika in DABH

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