Shivam to assert his love for Riya; Sarla plans to separate them in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein

Riya has confessed her love to Shivam. Shivam feels sorry for himself as he could not accept Riya’s love. He feels Riya deserves a better life and she won’t be able to adjust in his home dominated by Shanti. Shivam tells Kaushalya that he will not sell off Raghav’s bike, as he has memories with it. Kaushalya blesses him. Riya manages to talk to her boss and admits her mistake, by which Shivam gets his job back. Shivam gives the good news to Kaushalya and his sisters. They silently celebrate in Shanti’s absence. Anupam asks Riya to give an answer to Sarla’s son’s proposal, as Sarla is calling him again and again. He says he fears that Sarla can refuse later if they make the delay.

Riya was waiting for Shivam’s reply for her proposal and fears to lose Sarla’s trust. She thinks its Shivam’s proposal From Sarla’s side and gives her nod. She accepts Amit’s proposal being mistaken. Shanti and Sarla do some rituals for Riya to fix the marriage. Shivam goes to save the bike and pays his salary advance. Amit wants to meet Riya and gets anxious. He calls her and fixes a meeting. Riya gets puzzled and waits for him. The goons catch Amit and beat him up asking him to return their money. Amit fails to meet Riya and express his love. Shivam performs well in his office and receives a bonus. He buys a good saree for Kaushalya and makes his mum happy.

Shanti gets to know this and creates big drama that Shivam did not buy a saree for his only Bua Sarla. Kaushalya tries to give her saree and stop Shanti’s drama. Shivam meets Riya at the coffee café, where Sarla sees them. She hears Riya saying she loves Shivam, and gets shocked that Riya is mistaken about Shivam being Sarla’s son. She thinks to break Riya with Shivam and get her married to Amit, who loves Riya madly. Bunty asks Riya to plan something and make Shivam admit his love. Shivam likes Riya a lot and wants to admit his feelings, but he fears of Shanti’s reaction. What will Sarla do now? Will Shivam confess his love to Riya, or will Sarla play any game to make Riya her daughter in law? Keep reading.

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