Yash and Sanju’s love story to surface in Yeh Rishta…


yeh ris

Akshara follows her son Naksh and is spying on him. She wants to catch him red handed. She gets shocked seeing him taking loan from Bakshi, and stops Naksh. Bakshi warns her that she didn’t know about him. Akshara gives him a good reply. She gets the loan cancelled and takes Naksh’s home. Naksh wants to help his parents financially and open a new Restaurant “Krishna”, but Akshara wants him to focus on studies. Akshara gets angry and tells Naksh that its his age to study, not to business. She stops him from getting in loans mater. She scolds Bakshi and asks him not to fool Naksh. She says he has blinded Naksh by profits’ promise and tried to dupe him. Naksh hears them. Akshara asks Naksh to study and not do any business. Naksh’s plan to open the hotel for Naitik flops and he gets sad. Naksh fears Naitik’s reaction and asks Akshara not to tell Naitik about his step to take loan.


Rashmi comes to her Maayka in preparation of Saawan festival. Naitik welcomes Rashmi and Gayu. Naksh follows Akshara’s instructions. The girls are happy to enjoy the function. Sanju is staying at Rajshri’s home and comes with Maheshwari family to celebrate Saawan festival with Singhania family. Nandini tries to know Yash and Sanju’s truth as Rukmani warned her against Sanju. Nandini asks Akshara to look after Sanju. Will Nandini come to know about Yash and Sanju’s love? Keep reading.


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