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Median zing spoilers

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki recalls Dhruv’s confession and also her stammering, which has made her get just humiliation from people. She does not want Dhruv to become part of her life and get troubled because of her. Vasundara happily gets proposal for Thapki and meets her parents. Poonam and Krishnakant gets overwhelmed to get Dhruv’s proposal and realize Dhruv’s family is best for Thapki. They accept Dhruv’s proposal for Thapki and Vasundara fixes the marriage doing the shagun. Thapki sits in confusion and later tells Poonam that she can’t do this marriage. Poonam gets shocked and tries to know the reason. Thapki does not confide anything and later goes to meet Dhruv. Thapki tells her decision and hands over her resignation to him. She says she can’t marry him and Dhruv gets shocked. How will her decision affect Dhruv?


Sandhya’s police department informs Rathi family that Sandhya is dead. Bhabho and Sooraj get shattered. Everyone do Sandhya’s last rites and pay tribute in front of her photo. Sandhya is seen in the captivity of the goons while the goon target the pistol on her. She looks on helplessly. Bhabho throws Sandhya’s pic frame and breaks it, unable to accept that Sandhya can die. Sooraj loves Sandhya a lot and is in shock. Bhabho asks Sooraj to keep Sandhya’s memories from the house, as her trust on Sandhya has broken now. She says Sandhya has left them and broke her promise, and she is shattered. Bhabho prays for Sandhya. Sooraj and Ved don’t accept that Sandhya is dead. Sandhya is caught by the goons of Garajna Sanghatan. The naxalites are dangerous and have kidnapped Sandhya. They try to know Sandhya the whole plan of Mission Mahabali. Sandhya is in bad wounded state and naxalites torture her. Suraj believes that Sandhya will return to him soon. It is yet to been seen how Sandhya succeeds in her mission.

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Ishita gets ready for Raman and decorates the room. Vandu gives her tips to impress Raman. Raman does not come in the room and stays away from Ishita, as he is fearing of his illness being mistaken hearing someone else’s report. Ishita is glad that she can become a mother and she has high hopes. She makes Raman’s fav food and asks Raman to come to their room. Raman tries to make her away and does not tell the problem. Ishita does not know what to do and she feels her romance is always having a hurdle.


Meera gets slapped by Kokila. Meera says she don’t get afraid of anyone and calls Gopi inauspicious who will ruin her house. Kokila couldn’t bear and slaps her hard. Meera tries to take Gopi’s life and calls her Dayan. Tolu and Molu are always support truth and are with Gopi and Kokila. Meera blames Gopi for Ahem being electrocuted. Kokila sees her compromising with the wire and gets suspicious. She decides to punish her and get her arrested. They look at the CCTV footage, but couldn’t get any proof. Little Rashi gets tensed as she is the one who is guilty of the mishap at home.


While Samaira and Arjun are all set to marry each other, Radhika is going to marry Saral. Radhika has no feelings for Saral and is hopeful that they will find love post marriage. She regards him a good friend and is sure that Saral’s anger is just because of her stay in Mumbai. She resigns from Birdsong and this shocks Arjun. Arjun and Radhika’s heart are beating for each other and they are oblivious to each other’s feelings. Radhika decides to leave the city and go back to her home city. Arjun gets sad that Radhika is going back to Rishikesh. He understands that Saral is pressurizing her and regrets that even Radhika’s mum Mala is unable to support Radhika. Arjun is restless and wants to help out Radhika from a wrong relation.

Qubool Hai:

Sanam sings a song and tries to woo Shaad during their wedding night. Shaad gets mesmerized seeing her. Shaad knows their marriage truth and stays away from her. He lifts her in his arms and takes her bed. She tries to get closer to him while he resists and leaves from the room. He knows Aahil has married Sanam, and thinks of some way to unite them.


Roshni was over excited to work with Dr Raghunandan and made a mistake in surgery. Though Dr. Roy took her side, knowing she is one of the best resident surgeon. Roshni asks Raghunandan not to quit from doctors’ panel. Raghunandan asks her to forget about becoming a cardiac surgeon and this shocks her. She falls in despair and talks to her granddad Kishore. She tells him everything about her mistake and Raghunandan’s anger. Her mum Vasundara gets miffed knowing about Roshni’s sadness. Roshni tries to perform better and gives her opinion against Nick/Nikhil in the operation. Nick argues with Roshni saying she is trying to cover up her mistake in the surgery and going against her friend. Nick misunderstands her and fumes on her. Roshni feels bad to see Nick not believing her.

Sadda Haq:

There is a lab fight involving Randhir and Sanyukta comes to pacify him by showering warmth and love. Later, there is an iconic romantic scene with SanDhir grooving and dancing on heartwarming musical tune – Kya Karu Haye Kuch Kuch Hota Hai from movie KKHH. There is a special monsoon 1 hour episode on 17th July 2015 @ 6:30 PM that integrates Sadda Haq and Swim team cast. Sanyukta and Randhir alongwith Rewa and Bhagat and their cast will be having a memorable outing.There is special SanDhir romantic dance as well to celebrate the season of love.


Time to immerse yourself in romantic nostalgia with #SanDhir as they dance to one of the most memorable tunes. #IconicSaddaHaqMoment Watch #SaddaHaq, every Mon-Sat at 6:30 PM, only on V!

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Dream Girl:

Laxmi has confessed her love to Samar, and after she got fine. Both of them are being in love and got over all the misunderstandings. Ayesha plans to create a big scene and spoil Laxmi’s image. She thinks Samar has forgiven Lami for all her small mistakes, but this time she will create such issue that Samar will never be able to get over her biggest mistake. Ayesha hires some men and ask them to enact a fake scene very well to bring Karan and Laxmi close, and also shoot the scene as if its real. Ayesha plans to ruin Laxmi’s efforts to win Samar’s love and this her master plan will just make Samar kick out Laxmi from his life forever.


  1. Sadda haq spoiler pls….why u ppl always give spoilers for the same shows over on over again??? Other fans are also waiting for spoilers of their fav shows…


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