Eid celebrations going to bring testing times for Shaad, Sanam & Aahil in Qubool Hai…


qubool hai

Sanam is restless with Aahil around her and decides to head back to Pakistan with Shaad whom he believes as her husband. Aahil and Shaad feel helpless with Sanam’s repeated pleas to return to Pakistan for Eid celebrations, and they were just planning to reveal to her all the truth. Aahil got medical help: an injection to support Sanam after she gets to know of the truth but the new Sanam has her plans to not let the injection reach Aahil.

Sanam’s actions are driven by her belief that she would be giving a betrayal to Shaad if she stays in Aahil’s home since her heart unknowingly beats for Aahil and moreover her past is not helping her either. While Shaad is doing a big sacrifice since he also loves Sanam much, and on other hand Aahil holds ground for his love though feels helpless on many occasions. Shashi at her end plans has her target set to kill Shaad because of her revenge motives, and also hired goons have reached her home to attack him during Eid celebrations. The new Sanam alongwith her witch craft work also works with Shashi to eliminate Shaad since it will going to in turn affect Aahil and Sanam’s relationship, which is advantageous to her.

During the Eid celebrations – Rangat-e-Eid that is next in the track, Aahil feels that his love will eventually meets its destination, and on other hand Shaad gets circumspect about Eid celebrations and thinks there will be different flavors in the range of passion to hate. Shaad feels something wrong is going to happen. Sanam at her end feels the dilemma in her heart no longer present since Shaad is everything to her and will not let her feelings to betray him. Shaad, Sanam and Aahil are about to face Shashi’s hidden attack with Shaad being the target, and also Shashi plans to attack India to create disharmony.

There are some performances with actress Sayantani Ghosh performing on two songs during Eid celebrations. It has to be seen what will be the implications of Shashi’s attack on Shaad-Sanam-Aahil’s life, and what will be Sanam’s final take regarding travel to Pakistan. Will Sanam finally get to know of her past with Aahil and accept him wholeheartedly even when circumstances aren’t favorable ?

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