Gunjan to name Ratan’s land to Dilawar; Gunjan’s mistake to augment troubles in Veera’s life



Manjeet is slowly influencing Rahul by repeating the same lie again and again, hoping he will believe it is true. Manjeet tells him about Geet and Ranvi’s affair and shows him the happy family picture. Rahul gets in her words and Veera clears the matter to Rahul. He confides about his doubt and Veera swears on Ranvi that there is nothing such between Ranvi and Geet. Rahul agrees to marry Geet the next day. Manjeet worriedly goes to him and plants a fake I love you card from Geet’s side for Ranvi. Rahul gets disturbed and talks to Geet. He feels Geet is marrying just to save Ranvi’s marriage and is sacrificing her happiness. He does not wish Geet to marry him for Ranvi and Gunjan’s sake. He calls off the marriage and this shocks Ranvi. Gunjan starts doubting Ranvi and Geet again, and Veera calms the situation.

Gunjan gets very angry and takes a shocking decision. She finds Dilawar suitable for Geet. She has got Ratan’s property of the fields on her name after Ratan’s death. She names the land to Dilawar on the condition that he will marry Geet. Manjeet gives this idea to Gunjan and uses her well to make Dilawar a part of their family. Gunjan falls in Manjeet’s trap and asks Dilawar to promise that he will marry Geet. Dilawar promises Gunjan and Veera gets against Gunjan’s decision. Baldev believes Dilawar and argues with Veera. Veera and Baldev’s relation faces problems by Gunjan’s increasing doubt on Ranvi. Will Ranvi be wipe off Gunjan’s insecurities? Keep reading.




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