Sarla’s gimmicks get higher; she cancels Amit’s tilak ceremony in Mere Angne Mein


mere angne mein

Sarla asks Pari to help her and not get it revealed that Shivam is not her son. Rani is trying to stop Amit’s marriage and hears his partial plan of fooling Riya and extracting money from Anupam. Rani proposes Amit once again and asks him to think well. Sarla asks Rani to leave from Shanti Sadan. Rani refuses as she loves Amit. Laali Bua and Shanti Devi have an argument on the phone, wherein Bua warns Shanti of police. Shanti and Bua are the childhood enemies and did not come face to face till now. Shanti sends Shivam to Riya’s home and Sarla gets worried to know this. She tries to stop Shivam.


At Shanti Sadan, everyone play Antakshari and does some rituals later. Sarla sees Kaushalya’s brother gifting Kaushalya and all ladies some good sarees and thinks to creating a drama. She tears the saree and Kaushalya’s brother faces the humiliation by Shanti for gifting everyone torn sarees. Kaushalya gets sad seeing her brother’s insult. Nimmi comes to know that Sarla has torn the sarees and informs Kaushalya. Bua asks Shanti to prepone the tilak and hurry up in arrangements being groom’s Nani. Shanti agrees and sends Amit. Sarla gets to know that Anupam has lost 5 lakhs that he was going to give Amit in Tilak rasam, and stops the Tilak. Will Sarla’s true intentions come out as this can be Bua’s plan to test groom’s family? Will Amit get married to Rani instead? How will Shivam and Riya get to know the truth of Sarla’s master plan? Keep reading.


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