Debjani & Dylan to tackle drugs trafficking in Dilli Wali…


DWTG - Dylan and Dabbu


Dylan has been dating Sunaina by some purpose. Their interactions are making Dylan miss important occasions with Dabbu/Debjani. He feels helpless to hide the matter from Dabbu and wants to confide in her. His mum stops him from sharing the truth with Dabbu and tells him that Dabbu and his relation is still raw. She asks him not to risk his relation and stops him from sharing his revenge motive from Dabbu. Dylan is trapping Sunaina and wants revenge from her, as she is the one who has ruined his family in the past.

The next track has the dangerous sting operation. Dylan wants a woman volunteer and Dabbu states her wish to go for it. Dylan stops her from risking her life and she shows her dedicated and fearless attitude. He hugs her and prepares her for the sting operation. Dabbu gets in Radha’s character, who is a helpless girl and is need of money. He drops her to the location and the goons question Dabbu finding her unseen before. Dylan worries as the sting operation is on drugs trafficking where the drugs packet are transported in the girl’s body, and this made many girls die. He worries for Dabbu and gives her a satellite phone. Dylan goes to meet Sunaina on her insistence and fails to cover-up help for Dabbu. Will Dabbu manage to do the sting operation without Dylan? Keep reading.


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