Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 6: Love winning over Misunderstanding, starring Sheetal Singh, Teejay Shah, 25th July 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks of a quote from Nida Fazli (Indian Hindi and Urdu poet) -magical toy in the world to signify love and if found then gold else equals soil. Rithvik talks about ups and downs in everyone’s life and the same kind of problems crop up in relationships so it is better to let your emotions out instead of keeping them inside. The story is about Ananya who also faced similar situation to win love.

The story starts with Ananya seen working at her office as an intern and soon called by her boss Natasha. Ananya gets encouraging remarks by Natasha, and gets to know of additional responsibilities – managing celebrities in individual capacity. She gets surprised to meet Avi during the staff meeting. Avi is a celebrity and client of Ananya’s agency. Ananya reminisces on her past with Avi, and the story goes back by few years. Avi is seen at a cafeteria and learns about project completion date to be tomorrow from Ananya and gets worried. He asks for her help and she informs of bringing an extra essay for him. He thanks her and showers a kiss, which makes her blush. She overhears Avi talking with his friends on how she is akin to a mutual fund project as he gets good returns.

Next day, Ananya gives him the project and tries to straightaway leave. She makes taunts that he regards her as timepass to get ready for projects, friends with benefits and on how he equated her to mutual friends. He counters what all he said yesterday was nonsense and asks her to not take it seriously since they were jokes. She admits of being mad to take him seriously while he always poke fun at her, and gets teary eyed. Soon after, Avi goes ahead to confesses his love to Ananya by standing on the table at cafe – I love you Ananya. He suggests he was compelled to confess love to her like he would have done with any other girl. Both spend good time henceforth after being in love. The story comes back to present, Ananya informs her colleagues at the meeting on knowing Avi from her college days. Avi chooses Ananya to be his manager as he knows her from college – smart and hardworking. He asks about her specs and she replies on wearing lenses. He then informs on coming since her agency is going to handle his work, and wants to settle old scores, which makes her wonder. He prepares to leave by reminding her on coming tomorrow and payback time. She stops him but he makes it clear on not listening and will send her the contract.

Later, Ananya meets a friend Nita at a bar and talks about meeting Avi, her ex-BF. She calls her work as a manager for Avi as punishment since there will be ego tussle. She drinks many shots and vows to give him a fitting reply. Next morning, Avi shows tantrums on dresses, give early deadlines, contract signing before performances, dress rehearsals a night before the performance. Ananya follows all his orders and this lead to turn up late her studio and Natasha – her boss speaks strong words due to losses. Avi comes there and makes a taunt at Ananya by asking whether she is the best manager, and some more taunts. He confronts her, and she reminds him of not being old Ananya who was a fool in his love because of many changes . He replies on loving her a lot while they share eyelocks. She suggests he is lying and speaks of getting hurt, and he replies by asking her to not talk about getting hurt. He speaks of wanting to do a lot and one day she left him without wanting to know anything. Just then, Avi’s GF Sonia comes there and interrupts their intense conversation. Sonia informs Ananya on being Avi’s GF, and he makes a taunt by informing Ananya that Sonia is the only one who has given him support until now. Ananya leaves upon Sonia’s insistence.

Later, Ananya reveals to Nita on how Avi is still dating Sonia. She opens-up to Nita on the graduation night party at the club, the same night of her break-up. After the party night, next morning she came to Avi’s home to find Sonia at his home. She gets shocked to find Sonia wearing Avi’s shirt and asks Sonia what she is doing there. Sonia replies on staying overnight on Avi’s insistence. Ananya learns that Sonia got drunk last night with Avi and even wore his shirt and had some intimate moments. Sonia apologizes to Ananya to harden the suspicion, and this makes Ananya to think Avi has cheated on her. Ananya later informs Nita on not seeing Avi’s face when she met Sonia, and moreover didn’t talk to him though he called him thousand times. Nita suggests to Ananya that Sonia might have lied and Avi wanted to defend himself by calling her so many times. Ananya decides to call Avi but Nita asks her to move on since he is her past who is having Sonia as his GF. Nonetheless, Ananya goes ahead to call Avi because of their friendship and doesn’t care about her manager position.

Sonia rejects Ananya’s calls for Avi. Next morning, Ananya gets a notice from Natasha that she will no longer work with Avi as Sonia wants the same. Ananya soon figures out that Sonia is indeed hiding something and therefore cannot see her close to Avi. Nita asks Ananya to move on but Ananya replies on still loving Avi. She reiterates her break-up would have not happened if the misunderstanding didn’t happen. She goes to talk to Avi but her boss Natasha and Sonia takes her away. Avi finds Sonia and Natasha engaging in a verbal duel with Ananya, and decides to allow Ananya. Ananya reminds Avi on the next morning post graduation night, and learns from him that he actually went to Rohan’s home after dropping Sonia and her friend at his home to stay overnight and even gave his shirt.  Ananya hits out at Sonia and points on her lie. Ananya informs Avi on what Sonia had to say then and her story of sharing intimate moments with him. Sonia admits on speaking lie to give deceit and suggests to Avi on not having any option and did it for love, and suggests Ananya didn’t deserve him.

Avi gets frustrated to know Sonia’s truth and decides to stay aloof. Ananya at her home reminisces past moments with Avi and gets teary eyed, and also recollects his love confession and cries. Natasha comes to Ananya’s home and asks her the reason for not coming to office. Ananya opens-up on Avi breaking-up with Sonia but he haven’t called her or sent a message so she thinks he hates her. Natasha reminds on how Avi has been hurt two times and suggests her to find him. Natasha asks Ananya to come on work and reveals the place (bar) where Avi can be found. Later, Avi is seen at a club engaging in his comedy gigs – on marriage and dreams. Ananya comes there and engages in a conversation and also apologizes to Avi. He replies of not caring. She then confesses love to him, and he replies on hating her.

She speaks of knowing he loves her much more than his hate. As he begins to leave, she stands on the table and opens-up on being judgemental, habit of running from place. Moreover, she is stupid, mad but wants to stay with him. While she ran away from him but she wasn’t able to move on. He says she is mad and she replies of knowing it [YHA title song plays].. Sooner then, Avi confesses his love, and she reciprocates her love. Both shower hug bringing smile and happiness. Ananya and Avi’s love story ends on that happy note. Rithvik speaks about Ananya being judgemental and even concluded without knowing all details leading to the misunderstanding. It was evident that Avi didn’t move on with his break-up as his comedy acts were centred on relationships. Rithvik speaks of Life needing clarity so issues like misunderstanding not coming up.

Info on Cast:

* Ananya is portrayed by actress Sheetal Singh
– Sheetal was born on November 22, 1989 in Lucknow, India.
– TV debut with Channel V’s Paanch: Five Wrongs make a Right and portrayed the lead role of Roshni [2014]
– Worked as flight stewardess for brief time, Went to St. Teresa’s College and Central Academy and University of Mumbai for her studies.
– Attended Circle in the Square Theatre School, the very well reputed acting school in New York city and studied acting.
– Recently, portrayed the role of a crime reporter Swati in Bindass’ Halla Bol Season 2, 11th Episode telecast on 8th February 2015, and in PTKK Season 4. Follow the tag Sheetal Singh Actress to read articles on episodes where she had worked.

* Avi is portrayed by actor Teejay Shah
– Currently working in Star Plus’s Gulmohar Grand. Worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s 41st Episode aired on 4th May 2014 and played the role of Purab. If interested, read that episode WU here.
– Portrayed the role of Rishabh in Bindass’ Love By Chance 20th Episode aired on 11th October 2014. If interested, read its WU here.
– Played the role of Biju – a military personnel who took training at N.I.M in Star Plus’s EVEREST. Teeshay’s Twitter page.

* Sonia is portrayed by actress Shivangi Desai
– Worked in Bindass’ Love by Chance Episode 22 aired on 25th October 2014.

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