New entry opposite Shagun; Rinki to add up conflicts in Bhalla house in Yeh Hai Mohabattein


yeh hai mohab

Shagun has got a new hero in her life. She bumps into him at the corridor and it’s a filmi scene. He is a doctor by profession and she comes to know he is her neighbor. He likes her and tries to talk to her. Shagun has changed a lot and does not hold interest in starting any relationship. She walks away with attitude and he decides to win her love. On the other hand, Rinki is trying to break the Bhalla family mistaken about Raman and Ishita. Ishita tries hard to explain Rinki. Ishita is tensed though as Rinki has turned negative and is responsible for conflict at home. Rinki fumes on her, saying Raman did not help Mihir in buying the flat. Ishita does not tell them about giving money to Parmeet to stop Ananya’s custody case.


Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Ishita after Rinki complains her, and gets mistaken that Ishita and Raman are really not keen to help them.Another misunderstanding grows in the family, which will be soon getting away, as every story unfolds and proves Raman and Ishita to be most generous and caring members of the family. Romi will be knowing the truth of Ishita lessening burden on him and how has has mistaken her. With Romi getting sense, Ishita will try to bring Rinki on the right path. Also, Shagun will be out of their lives and on a different track now. Keep reading.


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