Reporters: Shreya’s entry imbalances Ananya-Kabir’s Work & Life



With the entry of Kabir’s ex-wife Shreya, Malvika gets on her strategy to create distance between the loved couple – Ananya & Kabir. Shreya gets to know of Ananya and Kabir’s pics showing their intimate moments with Malvika setting up the plan. Shreya shows her frustration with pics in-front of Ananya. Amidst this, Ananya’s promotion decision: not willing to accept the offer, and Kabir’s rationale for rejecting the promotion plays out. Ananya gets somewhat jealous to see Richa’s promotion of taking Manav’s place, which later results into a fight at the party organized by Kabir.


Ananya gets troubled with Kabir-Shreya’s past reflecting on their present, and feels hard to cope with those developments. Shreya on the other hand after confrontation with Kabir, and pics revelation has questions for Ananya and soon reaches her home. Shreya earlier have been much supportive of Ananya and her calibre. Will Malvika’s ploy to use Shreya against Ananya succeed or backfire ? What about Ananya’s work-life balance: promotion and love for Kabir ?


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