Shagun turns savior for Ishita and fails Ashok’s plans in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohab

Raman dances with Ishita and does not see her face. He looks upset over her dressing and scolds her for dressing inappropriately for the party. Ishita changed her look to make him happy, but her gown attracts evil attention of the men in the party, which makes Raman angry. Raman goes to dance with someone else, being annoyed with Ishita. Ishita is unable to understand why is Raman so angry. She gets sad seeing Raman dancing with Mrs. Tandon. The lady comes with Ashok in the party, and plans to separate Ishita and Raman. Mrs. Tandon and Ashok plan this together as she has some enmity towards Raman. Ashok sees Ishita crying as Raman is not giving her attention. Ashok spikes her drink and thinks to take revenge from Raman and Ishita.

Shagun gets info about Ishita getting in trouble and rushes to save her. Ashok holds Ishita and asks her to come with her. She tries to send Ashok away, and he sees her losing consciousness. Ashok tries to molest Ishita and gets close to her while she is drunk. He takes her to the room and tries getting intimate. He clicks their pics. Raman is busy in the party and does not know about Ashok’s evil intentions.

Shagun comes there in nick of the time and slaps Ashok. She scolds him for falling so low and beats him. He asks how did she come here. She calls him a disgusting man. She sees the pictures Ashok took with Ishita, and deletes the pics from his phone. She kicks him out of the room. Shagun was always with Ashok in the past and now she has changed. She shocks Ashok by defending Ishita. Shagun does not let anyone know of her favor, but Ishita eventually gets to know about Shagun protecting her. With Shagun getting positive, will she become a part of Raman and Ishita’s life again? Keep reading.


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