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Jodha Akbar:

Ruks crimes coming to forefront in-front of Akbar results in her punishment. Akbar wanted her to go away from Agra permanently but Jodha steps in and shows compassion towards Ruks. Jodha satisifies Akbar’s demand for considerable punishment to Ruks by sending her to Kabul for business and wants Ruks to prove her loyalty to Mughal Empire. Jodha got suggestion from Birbal on tackling Akbar’s hate and punishment for Ruks so she came up with the idea of temporarily satisfying Akbar until the Jashn (celebration) gets over. Later on, Ruks finally accepts her defeat and also of her ploys of hatred in-front of Jodha while getting teary eyed, and moreover salutes Jodha on the victory of love. Akbar and Jodha’s love victory marks the end of the show. Jodha-Akbar ends today on Zee TV. Wishing the best to actors and the crew on their future work endeavors.

Jodha-Akbar bids adieu with Jodha & Akbar’s Love victory on Zee TV, finale episode telecast on 7th August 2015

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rana ji meets a Rani in Rajmata’s birthday party and sends the drink for that princess. The waiter gives the drink to Gayatri by mistake and she drinks it feeling it bad taste, and still digesting it as its sent by Rana ji. Gayatri reaches Rana ji party with her two bhabhis and drinks wine mistakenly thinking it as a juice. Her bhabhis are happy seeing her getting dizzy. Rana ji is playing Piano for his Rani, and he didn’t know Gayatri is seeing him. Gayatri gets mesmerized seeing Rana ji and walks to him. She is blowed over by him and is madly fallen in love with him. She stares at him with love. The drama will unfold as Gayatri gets dizzy. She gets flowed in the piano tune and tries to talk to him. Rana ji goes to his room and Gayatri follows him. Her Bhabhis see Gayatri going after Rana ji, and follow them to create some drama.


Neil’s son in law Jignesh has committed suicide and he rushes him to the hospital to save his life. No one gets to know why he has done suicide. There might be some strong reason behind Jignesh’s step. The reason is Nishi, who has made his life hell and troubled him a lot. Nishi gets stunned seeing Jignesh. They get the sleeping tablets bottle with Jignesh and see him fainting. Neil will be saving Jignesh.


Sarojini takes time to forgive Somendra for his past behavior. Somendra puts effort by apologizing to her so that her inhibitions and dislike towards him will go away. Later, it turns out that Somendra gets injured on the road and Sarojini gets to see him. While she was pondering on what to do with Somendra and her forgiveness, but after finding him in that unconscious state, she goes out to help him with much fervor. Will Sarojini develop friendship with Somendra?

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Sooraj and Lalima reach the temple to marry each other. Sandhya looks at them from far and let the marriage happen. She didn’t go and stop the wedding informing them that she is alive, as she has duty towards the nation. Lalima is happy about her marriage. Bhabho feels Sandhya didn’t do right by ditching Sooraj and she swears not to forgive her. Sandhya does not come to meet her family and sees Sooraj proceeding in the temple for the marriage with Lalima. She returns back to Garjana village to continue her mission. sandhya prays to Lord to stop this marriage, and gets thinking whether Sooraj will marry Lalima and forget her. The viewers will definitely wish to see Sooraj’s marriage stopped.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya sees Tanu saying the truth of not carrying Abhi’s baby and marrying him as per his plan. She gets shocked and also gets to hear Aaliya’s plan of ruining Abhi. She says she has to expose Tanu and Aaliya’s truth to Abhi, as they both are backstabbing Abhi. She sees Abhi leaving in his car and rushes to stop him, to tell him about the truth. Another car hits Pragya and she meets with an accident. Who is responsible behind this accident? Will Pragya be able to bring the vamp’s true faces out? Hopefully yes, the track will get positive after some time. Tanu will be getting exposed soon and Pragya will be making a grand entry back in Abhi’s life.

Pragya ‘s accident and truth revelations to bring new twists in KumKum Bhagya

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Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Vibhuti had a X ray glasses and he lost it. The men in the locality get conjunctivitis and wear black glasses similar to his X ray glasses. He doubts on all of them that anyone of them maybe wearing his glasses. So, he limits them from eyeing Angoori and scolds them. He runs with their glasses to check which one is the x ray glasses.


Ragini was waiting for Laksh on her wedding night. Laksh drinks lot of wine to forget Swara’s love. He feels Ragini is a very nice girl and has married him for his sake. He will accept Ragini as his wife, but not love her. Sanskaar gets Laksh home. Ragini threatens Laksh’s mum that if she brings her truth out, she will not spare Sanskaar.

Jamai Raja:

DD decides that Roshni’s baby will be living with her inlaws, and invites her inlaws to her home. Sid and his family come to stay with DD and Roshni, and Sid wants to end the old problems between both the families. The families have a happy union. Sid tries to keep their good equations between the elders and seeks Roshni’s support.

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls:

A new entry will be happening in the show. Raj Singh is Anant’s friend and sees a man teasing Chandi. He is a Punjabi sardar and very lively. He scolds the man for teasing Chandi, and it turns out that the man was not teasing Chandi and he was mistaken. He again lands in Thakur home to meet Chandi, and greets the family. Raj and his family are invited for the lunch, and his family’s entry is also shown. Raj will be playing a major role in the show, which will influence the girls’ lives.


After the romantic union of Raman and Ishita, the track shifts to business problems. Raman does not know about Ashok’s evil plans to target his business. Raman is getting trapped by his business rivals Suraj, Ashok and Jhakad and Parmeet. They all think Raman will fail in the government contract and lose his good reputation, but Raman turns to be strong and confident, and easy out himself from the big problem.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv wants to hear I love you from Thapki. Aditi and Kiran keep a dance competition in their sangeet function. They want Thapki and Dhruv to confess love infront of everyone, and keep a condition that the dance competition result between the two teams will decide the person who confesses first. Their engagement is done in the same function, and Suman and Preeti try to cover up Thapki’s stammering infront of Vasundara. The marriage day arrives and Thapki thanks Dhruv for giving his love to her, and choosing her as his bride. Vasundara hears her stammering and gets stunned. She hates stammering people and refuses to make Thapki her bahu. She wants the best girl for her son Dhruv and dismisses Thapki. Balwinder does not bear Thapki’s humiliation as the family felt Vasundara knows about her stammering. Balwinder gets Thapki married to Bihaan.

Vasundara breaks Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage; Bihaan to marry Thapki

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Shastri Sisters:

The family gets stunned seeing Rajat and Sameer together, and Sameer tries trapping them in his words with fake tears and emotions towards Minty and Anu. The police then arrests Sameer. Rajat and Anu will be getting married again, alongwith Neil and Devyaani’s marriage. Alka will be shown uniting with Rohan just like her dream union. Rohan tells Vrinda that he can’t stay without Alka and rushes to meet her. They have a happy union.

‘Happily ever after’ couples’ union marks the end of Shastri Sisters


Bhaiya ji orders Babu to get Chakor and kill her. He asks him to give the good news of her death within 24 hours. Chakor sees Mumbai city with Rocky and asks him to drop her at the food stall back. Rocky drops her and leaves. Arjun reaches the same place and does not see Chakor. He informs Abha and Vivaan that he could not find Chakor, and will return Aazaadgunj only when he gets Chakor. Arjun and Chakor have a hit and miss situation. Manohar and Babu spot Chakor and catch her again. Who will be helping Chakor now? Will it be Arjun or her new best friend Rocky?

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  1. What a stupid track of Thapki…Really disgusting.If Thapki marries to Bihaan then who will marry Dhruv?If Aditi marry him then this will loss it’s all TRP!!!!

  2. plz bihaan hamesha pyaar karnewalo ko jodtha hai.tho plz bihaan thapki ko shaadi karne ke baad uski achayi ko dekhar aur dhruv ki pyar ko dekh khar un dono ko ek kijiye.yahi sahi hai.thapki doesn’t match bihaan.plz plz.agar bihan aur thapki ki luv story hogi ye tho phir nisha aur uske cousin jaise ban jayegi.nahi plz.abhi bihaan thapki komarriage karne do.but unke chem nahi milega.i just hte this serial crap.cheeee……
    the serialsb r always doing same crap.jinke saath shaadi karni hai unke sath shaadi nahi karega.i am telling u this story’s trp wi fall dam sure if dhruv marry adhithi and thapki marry bihaan.


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