Raman gets beaten up; Bhalla and Iyer women come to his rescue


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Ishita tries to wake up Raman. Their love story has come on track and they don’t leave a chance to romance. They embrace each other, the moment they get time. Ruhi comes there and asks Ishita to bring new baby soon. She asks them to make special prayer as suggested by her friends, so that baby comes soon. Raman gets to know about Ashok’s evil doings. He traps Ashok by getting a girl act to make Ashok admit the truth. Ashok admits that he has taken Ishita to Jhakad’s room with evil intentions. Ashok faces Raman’s anger yet again and gets beaten up. Ashok plans revenge Raman and Ishita, and plans to hurt them.

Later, a new twist coming in the show. Ramam spends some quality time with the family in the park. He saves Rohit from the accident and fails to save Ruhi, who falls down off her cycle. Someone tries attacking the kids and Raman and Ishita do not observe much. At night, Raman talks on phone standing in the society compound and some goons arrive there. Raman gets beaten up by the goons. The goons beat Raman with the sticks and Raman gets wounded. Raman gets to defend and beat them, but they beat him a lot with hockey sticks and chains. Raman recalls Ishita and faints there. Mihika gets to know that someone is attacking Raman and gets into her fighting mode. She informs everyone. The ladies of Bhalla and Iyer family see Raman getting beating up and come to his rescue. They all beat the goons. Mrs. Bhalla beats them a lot to save her son. They family suspects Ashok and Parmeet have done this. Raman is rushed to the hospital where Ishita comes to treat him. What will Raman do to teach Ashok a lesson? Keep reading.


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