Abeer’s Badtameez Dil says: ‘I want to be pampered by Meher’


Meher & Abeer


Abeer continues to stay at Meher’s home and is not willing to give up fighting with her. Abeer & Meher’s Nok-Jhok goes on with her mom Suman coming between them as ice-breaker. With his stay, Abeer recollects his past with Meher during the time where they stayed together sharing appartment with Nisaar, Sasha, Sneha, and how he used to pamper her to cover up his somewhat irritating remarks. This lead to the question, whether they regret the past now and things associated with it. For Meher, the past is hurtful and in present times, the taunts from people brings out the guilty feeling in her.

Later on, Abeer and Meher again get intercepted by Pinky and goons. Later, Abeer does drama and comes to Meher’s house with a wounded face to present how he got beaten by the goons very badly. He wants to win Meher’s sympathy and also wants to be pampered, and moreover to make her worried. He hugs Meher while losing balance and stumbling. Abeer tells her how he got beaten up by the goons when tried to save some girl. His idea works as Meher gets pity for him. Abeer plays this prank on her and will never change. He winks to Nisaar and acts to signal his drama. Nisaar understands Abeer’s way of coming close to Meher is wrong, but his love is right. Meher turns sympathetic and caring towards Abeer. Whether Abeer is really falling for Meher again ?

On the other hand, Abeer staying away from Groove music channel has created problems for Sani and the Abeer’s avid fans who are waiting for his appearance. Will Nisaar’s idea of shooting Abeer’s show from Meher’s home work in practice ?


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