Rohan to propose Suhani; Yuvraaj gets heartbroken by Suhani’s decision



Suhani and Yuvraaj’s marriage anniversary is celebrated at Birla family. Pratima plans it with Anuj and Sharad. Pratima hopes that Suhani and Yuvraaj end their differences this time. Yuvraaj stays high in his ego and Suhani stays in the misunderstandings web laid out by Rohan. Rohan gets keen to marry Suhani as Dadi is filling in his mind. Rohan’s intentions look dual as he is in love with Suhani and wanted to unite her with Yuvraaj. But seeing how Yuvraaj humiliated her in Mrs. Allahabad contest, he feels Yuvraaj does not deserve Suhani. Rohan tries hard to stop Suhani from coming in the anniversary party, but fails.

Suhani comes there with her parents and gets a good surprise. Everyone congratulate Suhani and Yuvraaj in the party kept for them. Suhani was waiting for Yuvraaj’s love confession, and he stays aloof. She does not know about Rohan’s plans that changed Yuvraaj’s thinking turning like before, who prefers superficial beauty over heart. Yuvraaj is annoyed with her seeing the divorce papers. They both don’t clear out the things. Anuj asks Yuvraaj and Suhani to pose for pics, and Yuvraaj holds her unwillingly. Suhani gets sad and cries.

Suhani and Yuvraaj’s annoyance continues. Rohan lands up to meet up Suhani and confesses love for her. Suhani gets stunned when Rohan makes her realize Yuvraaj will never change and she can’t win his love by changing his mindset. Rohan proposes her and they have a talk. The family gets a super shock when Suhani agrees to hold Rohan’s hand, choosing him over Yuvraaj. Rohan goes with Suhani and her parents, and tries to win her parents’ heart. Yuvraaj gets shattered seeing Suhani leaving Birla house with Rohan and her parents. Pankaj believes Yuvraaj feels for Suhani, but Yuvraaj spoils everything being mistaken. Rohan tries to make Suhani’s parents agree for Suhani and his marriage. Is this any new plan of Rohan to unite the lovers, or did he eventually decide to marry Suhani? Will Dadi succeed to her plans so easily? Keep reading.


  1. Sometimes in life it is best to move on, but however marriage isn’t the answer. I hope suhani move on, without marrying Rohan. Because she was in love less marriage, she shouldn’t get in another.

  2. well agreed yuvaraaj [y] is arrogant & trust dadi almost blindly , he also insults suhani [s] wrt cleanliness but given d drama of somya- dadi against d couple with her awareness that y is jealous of rohan, s is surely 2 b blamed 4 her part..

    btw with y as her friend & sarad as bro – can’t she see her priorities clashing with interfering rohan..

    if going off with rohan is a choice inspite of her awareness of all d above things , it would b a senseless & selfish decision .

    just such short were so good then v would surely look 4 good shortcuts instead of good life partner as every relationship is dynamic with pale phase also , so pack ur bag , undo ur memories & catch d next best shortcut – lovely isn’t it but narrow & short-term

  3. There is no point staying in a marriage where you are neither loved or respected. Regardless of what Rohan did, Yuvraj told Suhani that they are only friends then suddenly he is acting all rude like Suhani is his property or something. Yuvraj has never left an opportunity to insult Suhani in front of everyone except now he did it publicly in Allahabaad 2015 content. It’s not personality vs looks rather finding the person you love beautiful instead of making it clear to them that it’s because they are ugly, they cannot be loved. Yuvraj is no little kid blinded by dadi. He is a grown educated man living in 21st century! I have seen all kind of heroes who are jerks but Yuvraj is the worst! To make Suhani believe she cannot be accepted because of her looks..

  4. blade rohan such suhani and yuvraj loves each other but did not explain each other. Rohan cpomes in the birla house they create strugles between suhani and yuvraj.Thus yuvraj really love suhani he did not belive that suhani sings in the divorce papers. They come front suhani and ask the about the truth


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