Swara’s unmatchable integrity towards Ragini’s evil in Swaragini



Ragini has gone for patphere ritual at her home and came to know about Swara’s marriage with Sanskar. Swara has landed at home and fills sindoor of Sanskar’s name to stay along Ragini and expose her. Swara has married Sanskaar and now the sisters have got a new relation between them to share same inlaws. Swara was going to commit suicide and Sanskar saves her. He marries her and brings her home, as per the duo’s story for everyone. Swara cries seeing Ragini with Laksh. Ragini is shocked seeing Swara. Swara is hurt that Ragini was harming her to get her love and wants to end this game by bringing the truth out. She does not want to separate Laksh and Ragini, but wants to unite her family. She is sad that Shekhar and Sumi got differences between them because of Ragini. Swara and Sanskar get together and takes the family’s blessings. Laksh gets big shock by Swara’s marriage.

The family stays annoyed with Swara. Swara still loves her sister Ragini and wants her to be happy, but she can’t see Ragini cheating Laksh. She wants to make Ragini realize her mistake and value relations. She knows Ragini’s mistake has broken their families again. Ragini acts sweet and hugs Swara infront of Laksh. Swara and Sanskaar plan this entry and they are secretly working to expose Ragini. Swara asks Ragini not to break their parents again and confronts her for the big deceive. Ragini is still at her evil best and scolds Swara showing her hatred. Swara does not get affected by Ragini’s hatred and still has soft corner for her. She recalls old times with Ragini and determines to change Ragini back to her good form. What will be Swara doing to expose Ragini’s truth to everyone? Will Swara be able to reform Ragini? Keep reading.

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  1. LOL… this serial and the words integrity doesn’t go well together… most crappiest of all at the moment… I must say like Vasundhara in thapki… rukh rukh ne wali cheezo se mujhe nafrath hone lagi hain… I love and respect people who stammer but this director is stammering the serial here.. by the way I stopped reading this nonsensical serial’s updates also but just looking at this head lines couldn’t stop laughing ROFL… I sometime wonder if that guy fills some comments here in favor to keep some image for him/her… or else who on the planet earth watches such retarded horrible slow moving repetitive nonsense with no logic and disastrous message to society? where have we come :-O


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