Amit goes missing; Riya shocks Shanti by supporting Kaushalya


mere angne mein

Shivam and Riya get married in the same mandap, along with Amit and Rani. Amit unwillingly marries for property sake. Rani’s aunty fools Sarla and Amit with fake property papers to get Rani married to Amit. Rani thinks to settle all scores with Sarla and Pari after marrying Amit. Kaushalya gives her mother’s Chandanhaar/big necklace to Riya and this irks Sarla and Shanti.

Bansi comes at the wedding hall to take his fees from Sarla. Sarla gets tensed and manages the matter. She beats Bansi for not doing the work well. Sarla creates drama to divert everyone’s attention. They all come back to Shanti Sadan with the brides after the bidaai. Shanti blames Kaushalya for ruining Sarla’s happiness and respect infront of everyone. She scolds her for siding with Shivam and celebrating happiness for her son and daughter in law. Amit leaves angrily and tells Sarla that he will not come home with Rani. Sarla tells everyone that Amit is missing and they all wait for him to do Grah Pravesh rituals.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to do all the rituals soon. Kaushalya is sad by Shanti’s anger and blames on her. Riya gets to hear it and comes there to argue with Shanti. She takes side of Kaushalya. Riya can’t bear Shanti’s accusations on Kaushalya and argues with her. Shanti and Sarla get super shocked seeing Riya’s gutsy side. Shanti feels she has invited trouble by getting Shivam married to Riya. Shivam tells Raghav that he has lost his phone when he got kidnapped. Shanti finds out about the theft in her room, and does know know about Bansi attempting to steal the cash. She suspects Bindu and starts humiliating her. Bindu argues with Sarla and passes some taunts, to which Shanti reacts angrily and speaks in Sarla’s favor. What will Shanti do to continue her dominance over Shanti Sadan? Keep reading.


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