Ritika complicates things for Ishani in Meri Aashiqui…


meri aashiqui51


Ranvir started hating Ishani again. Ishani tries to prove her innocence and tells Ranvir that Ritika is lying. The Inspector tells that Ritika took her name. Ranvir shows hatred towards her and believes on Ritika’s sayings. Ishani comes to the Police station with Shikhar, to inquire about the shooter who had shot Ritika, but the blame came on Ishani to her shock. Ritika is very clever and plays her cards well as she has trapped Ishani. Ranvir doesn’t believe Ishani and feels she has betrayed him. The Sharp Shooter tells Ranvir that it is against his rules to give info about the person giving him supari, but he is going against his rule to help them. He takes Ishani’s name and says she is the woman who gave him money to kill Ritika.

Ranvir makes Ishani leave from his home and pushes her outside the door. Ishani cries and Shikhar consoles her. Ranvir shuts the door on her face. Shikhar supports Ishani and takes her along. Ritika is planning that Ranvir has kicked Ishani out and her planning is working. Ishani did this drama to save Ranvir and her drama got exposed. The story has come to the initial point again and Ishani got away from him again. With this Ranvir’s trust on Ishani breaks making way to hate relationship? Keep reading.



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