High Five Spoilers


high fiver

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Tiwari ji decides to send Vibhuti ji to Dubai. Anita’s husband Tiwari ji made the arrangements and calls a Sheikh to send Vibhuti off. Sheikh comes and talks to Vibhuti ji. Anita wants her husband to earn some money and is ready to send him with Sheikh. Vibhuti ji has turned deaf temporarily and Tiwari ji is taking advantage of his situation. This scene will be hilarious to watch.


Sooraj is angry and questions the God about taking Sandhya away from him. He hurts his hand by continuously ringing the temple bell. Lalima comes and makes him understand that Sandhya is alive. She brings Sooraj home. Lalima is teary eyed and in pain, but she is trying to lower Sooraj’s pain and bandages his wounds. Sooraj is in Sandhya’s memory, and feels good when she puts haldi on his wound. She even tears her dupatta and ties on his hand. They are getting connected by heart. Lalima’s gesture makes Sooraj remember Sandhya’s resemblance.


Some goons come to Sarojini’s house, and try to loot the house. Mama get tensed while Mami gets unconscious. Somendra comes to her house, and falls on Sarojini accidently. Mami asks them to get up. Mami will try to commit suicide to emotionally blackmails Sarojini, Somendra will try to cut his wrist to add more drama.


Dayan Mohini has committed suicide in Simar’s house. This left everyone in shock and wonder what compelled her to take such a serious step. Mata Ji gets scared and thinks black spirits will stay in their house after Dayan’s dead. The police arrives there for the inquiry.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni is kidnapped in Jamai Raja, Sid changed his look and attire and goes to search her. He reaches the Dargah and prays for Roshni. Roshni comes in a burqa and calls for Sid, but before Sid could hear her, the goons catches her again. Sid looks for her. Ayesha was to get kidnapped, but Roshni also gets kidnapped too.

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