Agrima Singh marks entry; Lalima to bond with Sooraj in Diya Aur…



Sooraj is angry and questions the God about taking Sandhya away from him. He hurts his hand by continuously ringing the temple bell. Lalima comes and makes him understand that Sandhya is alive. Lalima helps Sooraj in getting Sandhya’s pic and says she will find Sandhya to keep his heart. She brings Sooraj home and Bhabho gets glad seeing them together. Lalima is teary eyed and in pain, but she is trying to lower Sooraj’s pain and bandages his wounds. Sooraj is in Sandhya’s memory, and feels good when she puts haldi on his wound. She even tears her dupatta and ties on his hand. They are getting connected by heart. Lalima’s gesture makes Sooraj remember Sandhya’s resemblance. Lalima will try to get close to Sooraj to calm his life. She finds Shiv’s ansh in Sooraj, seeing his heart purity and wants to marry him after knowing his infinite love for Sandhya.

Sandhya is spotted by Officer Agrima Singh. Officer Singh follows Sandhya and gets trapped by Garjana Sanghatan. Sandhya gets Officer Singh’s ID card and is shocked to realize Garjana has kidnapped her. She thinks she has to save Officer Singh from getting killed by Garjana and needs some way to go back to their hideout in jungle. She realizes she was blindfolded when she was taken there and does not know the jungle’s location. Sandhya then gets to know that Shekhar is Chandu and he has been playing smart till now to hide his real identity. She follows Shekhar/Chandu to reach Garjana and save Officer Singh. How will Sandhya manage her duty? Whom will time favor now, Lalima or Sandhya? Keep reading.



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