Shanti’s divide and rule policy to turn futile in Mere Angne Mein



Shanti thinks she should better adopt divide and rule policy. She goes to meet Riya and asks her not to get friendly with her sisters in law Nimmi and Preeti, and hold the Bhabhi’s power over them. Shanti then tells Kaushalya to not love her bahu and keep her control on Riya as her mum in law. Riya smiles and nods to Shanti, whereas Kaushalya too agrees to Shanti, though Riya and Kaushalya just hear it and skip Shanti’s advises, knowing its wrong. Shanti smiles thinking she has fooled them and now they will fight and break. Little does she know what Riya has on her mind.

After Sarla and Amit’s tensed moment seeing the police at their door, this news reaches Raghav. Raghav, Kaushalya and Shivam come there to stop Sarla and Amit’s arrest. Rani enjoys seeing Sarla getting humiliated infront of everyone. She teaches a good lesson to Sarla. Rani and Prabha make sure that Sarla bends to them and welcomes Rani with respect. Shanti collapses seeing police arresting Sarla. This panics Riya at home and she worriedly thinks what to do in all elder’s absence. Sarla and Amit justify themselves and do not wish to get arrested. Sarla accepts Rani unwillingly. Is this Shanti’s true reaction to the news or her step to ease out money from Kaushalya? Keep reading.


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