Mona and Sharad to manipulate Rajat; Roshni to join Leela hospital



Roshni gets upset as her family does not support her and wants her to return to London. Roshni leaves for airport. She cries and her family did not understand her viewpoint. Vasundara recalls Badri’s words and sees Kishore restless. She gets thinking and Anand asks her to rush and stop Roshni before she boards the flight. Vasundara speeds up in her car and tries catching Roshni’s cab. A truck comes midway and hits Vasundara’s car. Vasundara hits the tree and meets with an accident. Roshni turns to see and misses out to see her mum. Later, Roshni changes her mind and returns home, just to see her family needing her support.

Rajat is fooled by Sharad and does not know about Sharad’s link with Malhotra and Ansal. Sharad is sure that Mona will not allow Roshni to join Leela hospital. But he is worried as Roshni is Rajat’s weakness. He worries that Rajat will get emotional after Vasundara’s accident and let Roshni join Leela. It so happens that Roshni joins Leela to treat Vasundara, and answers Mona about her capabilities. Mona is trying to cut off Rajat’s ties from his family, as she also aims to rule Leela. With Mona and Sharad being the backstabbers to Rajat, would Roshni realize this in time? Keep reading.


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