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Gaura sees Vidya and Shravan marrying and feels this is the begin of Kokila’s ruining. Gopi asks Kokila to stop this marriage. Gopi has seen many dreams for Vidya’s marriage, and today Vidya is in big problem. Gopi explained her family a lot, but they don’t listen to her. Meera had doubts on Gaura and now Gopi has known about Gaura’s revenge intentions. Gopi hears Gaura and Dharam talking about the revenge from Modi family. She runs to the mandap to stop the marriage. Kokila showers flowers on the marrying couple and does not believe Gopi as there is no solid proof. Gopi sees the illusion of Vidya and Shravan taking wedding rounds around the burning funeral of Gaura’s brother. Gaura wants to take revenge from Kokila for her brother’s death and will get Meera married to Dharam. Gaura will be ruining the family, but how would Gopi both her daughter?


After celebrating Teej function with the kids, the family now celebrates it with elders doing the puja. Akshara gets the mehendi applied and waits for Naitik to come. Naitik manages to take lift and arrives there. Akshara gets shocked to know Naitik was really in the problem and apologizes to him. She dances to cheer him up, after all the misunderstandings get solved. Naitik and Naksh come home by much difficulty and give happiness to the family. They tell the family that they came by walking while fasting for Teej. The family gets shocked and Akshara feels very bad to see Naitik and Naksh super tired. She takes care of Naitik and convinces him. Akshara breaks the fast by Naitik’s hand and he makes this Teej special for her.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti goes to Sarla and brings her for the puja. She gets Sarla, Amit and Rani for the puja. Amit asks Sarla to get 5 lakhs from Shanti, which was given by Anupam. Sarla starts creating a emotional mess by showing her helplessness and insult by Shivam and Riya’s marriage. Sarla asks Shanti to give the money before puja begins, and Shanti refuses. Shanti creates drama yet another time by asking Kaushalya to check Renu’s bags before she leaves. She tells about the things stolen from her room and sends Sarla along Kaushalya to check Renu’s luggage. Renu feels insulted and Kaushalya gets upset. The pandit informs Shanti about paghphere ritual. He asks her to send Riya for this ritual soon. Shivam and Riya get sad to get away. Kaushalya made Nimmi and Preeti decorate Shivam’s room. She also gets upset with this change. Raghav tells Shanti that now Shivam has married Riya, so he would prefer to return the shagun amount of 5 lakhs to Anupam. Shanti, Sarla and Amit get shocked and speechless hearing this.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi is getting haunted dreams about Pragya and he is getting sleepless. Abhi and Pragya’s nok jhok did not change even after Pragya got a makeover. Abhi wakes up late and Pragya scolds him. She says she just do the work in which she has some benefit and taunts him. Their fights are never ending. Pragya wanted to know something else and hides it from Abhi.


Raman and Ishita get to know about Ishita’s reports wherein she cannot carry the baby by her weak uterus issues. Ruhi hears Ishita and Raman discussing the problem and breaks down that her Ishi Maa can’t have her own baby. They both find Ruhi upset and think to do something for her sake. They meet up Manoj asking about any other options for them. Manoj tells them that they can have their own genetic child by taking help of any surrogate mother. Raman and Ishita find this well just for the family’s sake. They want their own baby and agree to Manoj. Manoj tells Shagun about this surrogacy step and how Raman and Ishita are finding some woman to help them. Shagun tells him that she can do anything for Ishita, as Ishita is a deserving mother. She tells him that she would like to help Ishita and Raman by becoming the surrogate mum of their child. Shagun may ask for a condition, to ask for Ruhi and Adi instead of helping Ishita with this step. Will Ishita give away Ruhi and Adi to get her own child?

Badtameez Dil:

Meher is wounded by an accident and Abeer is shedding much tears for her. He fights with her, but still loves her a lot. Meher is in ICU and Abeer stares at her with tears. He sits by her side and asks her to get up. His emotional talk makes her react. She gets breathless and Abeer shouts for the doctor to come and check her. He prays that Meher gets fine. Meher will be getting fine with Abeer’s care and prayers. There will be twist coming in the show after Meher’s recovery. There will be an entry in their lives from the past.


Mohini keeps Prem’s life pot in the Dahi handi and does not want the sin to come on herself. She dances in the function and makes the kids climb on the pyramid. She wants to see will her evil win over Simar’s trust. Simar comes there on right time and stops the kids from breaking the handi/pot. Simar climbs on the pyramid and gets the handi down safely. Simar was tensed about losing a Bharagwaj family member life, and now she is happy to end Mohini’s evil. Mohini’s character will be marking an end in the show.


Ragini has done a cheap thing again. She wants to create a wrong misunderstanding. She goes to apologize to Swara and hugs her. She silently drops her mobile in Swara’s room. Laksh looks for Ragini, who hides from him. He calls Ragini and goes to Swara’s room while following the ring. He scolds Swara for trapping Ragini. Laksh says Ragini and Swara’s matter got solved and he feels Swara is again after him. Swara has to stay in the house to expose Ragini, but Laksh does not know this.

Tere Sheher Mein:

As the track was giving hints about the possibility of Rama and Amaya getting linked. Shockingly, Amaya and Rama get married. Amaya makes Rachita faint and takes her place as the bride. Sneha slaps Amaya asking did she go mad. Amaya says she did not go mad, she would have not let Rachita marry Rama, as she has seen dreams to marry Rama. Sneha says Amaya should have died at her birth time, she is a stain for them and kicks her out from home. Sneha asks Amaya why did she not care for her dad’s respect, she has broken all the trust today. Sumitra starts planning revenge against Amaya. Amaya does grahpravesh in Rama’s house. Mantu and Rama get heartbroken with Amaya’s step. While Rachita is unconscious and does not know anything, the twist will come when Amaya’s truth will be hidden and she would get everyone’s hatred. Amaya marries Rama to save Rachita’s life and also the defamation by Sumitra and Dev. Sumitra, Jhilmil, Mohini and Rama’s Nani taunt Amaya and tell her that they would make her life hell in their house.


Chakor describes the place from where she has to rescue her friends. Chakor is staying in the same locality and tells Amma ji. Amma ji makes a plan to make Chakor break Dahi handi this time, so that she can stand at a good height and find the broken roof, where her friends are hidden. The Janmashtami event starts in the locality. Chakor dresses as Choka and takes part in the event. She climbs up the pyramid while Babu and Vaibhavi are hunting for her everywhere. Vaibhavi convinces Rocky to come with her in the function. Chakor gets to the top to see the roof, and gets hold of the dahi handi. Her hair get loose and Vaibhavi gets shocked seeing Chakor breaking the dahi handi. Who will save Chakor from Vaibhavi’s evil plans?

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Tu Mera Hero:

Titu and Panchi do not want Pinky’s reputation to be at stake. They want to make Sudheer refuse for marriage. They fail in their plans of showing Pinky captured by an evil spirit. Sudheer turns smarter after hearing Titu making plans along his family. Titu worries as Sudheer is still wishing to marry Pinky. The marriage day comes and Titu has a final chance to save Pinky’s life. What will Titu and Panchi do now?

Dance Plus:

The guests on Dance Plus this week are the cast of the upcoming movie Hero – actors Sooraj Pancholi & Athiya Shetty along with superstar Salman Khan. Sooraj, Athiya and Salman going to meet the dancing heros, and there will be a winner chosen from V Company, Banjara Girls or Shafat & Arafat. Stay tuned to Dance Plus this Sunday @ 8 PM on Star Plus.

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Ashoka is inching closer on getting his true identity revealed  on being the son of Bindusara. Ashoka fights with Khurasan in order to take revenge. Khurasan has brought disrespect to Ashoka’s mom Dharma with his actions some 14 years ago, and now Ashoka successfully defeats Khurasan and satisfies his revenge. After Ashoka’s victory over Khurasan, Dharma goes ahead to inform king Bindusara on the truth of Ashoka being his son. This development weaves a new chapter in Ashoka’s life as Bindusara accepts Ashoka. Will Ashoka succeed to be the legal heir of King Bindusara ?

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Viplav tries to make amends on his past mistakes by his efforts to help Dhaani in the time of her need. He goes ahead to bring court stay order for the Ashram where Dhaani stays with other widows. With this, Dhaani can stay at her Ashram and got the temporary relief thanks to the order. Dhaani gets shock since she has already sketched a very different perspective about Viplav (thinking him as evil) since the recent past between them have given many probems to her and other widows. Will Viplav going to become her protector and stands tall to become a wall for new problems ?

Sadda Haq:

There is Bollywood theme based romance special 1-hr episode on Sadda Haq this Friday (4th Sept). Sanyukta will be finding two Randhir and gets amused to see them. The first Randhir acts in Tapori and Apun ka style, and flirts with Sanyukta. She was unmindful that he isn’t the real Randhir. After a while, Randhir appears in-front of her and tries to confront his duplicate. While, romance is in the air, it has to be seen how Randhir & Sanyukta manage to spend their romantic time in Bollywood style.

Romance Special with SanDhir in Bollywood Style, Sadda Haq Special episode

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    • I know!! She is smart enough to switch the bowl of haldi, she could atlest do some kind of plot twist against them with the help of Mantu and Rama!!! And Rama could have stood up for himself against his mom and prove himself to Rachita

  1. I seriously don’t knw wats wrong wid cvs y r dey spoiling yhm d bst show on tv on 1 syd dere’s a news of ishu’s pregnancy n nw teling dat shagun is gonna make it happen shagun is gonna demand ruhi n adi total crap.. y can’t simmi do it she can b d surrogate mom for ishra’s baby

  2. sorry to say but akriti are you mad I mean that how can simmi be a surrogate mother of raman and ishita’s child… I mean yaar she is Raman’s sister then how can she bear his child…. I agree with you for making shagun the surrogate mother but there’s no choice left for ishra… or they can simply leave the dream of their mutual child

  3. Completely spoilt TSM! Hate the spoiler!!!!! Is Amaya mad?? She broke mantu’s heart!! But te earlier spoiler said that Amaya would be confessing her feelings to Mantu! What is happenning to TSM??? Hate it now! IKNMP and SSEL please!!!!

  4. No need to tere sheher mein any more
    better wat crap is all that
    For prolonging the serialu will make such nonsense twist
    Anyway after trp rate falls the team will ultimately close the show
    TSM team if u r not able to bring out interesting twists then u can stop the show na like manmarziya then y still prolonging by making such stupid twists
    We can’t see mantu heartbroken

  5. TSM what a useless serial. I thought they wud have something interesting to show at prime time. The serial makers take audience for fools, I think they don’t realise that we left Ekta Kapoor type stories many years back.
    Disappointed. The TRP should definitely fall further.

  6. I am done with TSM. The show was only watched because of Amay and Mantu. This twist will cause trp’s to go down. Wish manmarziya was still here.

  7. TSM,I am done with the show what the hell!!! We should stop watching the show.TSM is following ekta’s foorsteps.

  8. where is suhani si ek ladki…i hate this twist in tere sheher mein..why cudnt mntu take the place of rama and marry her knowing all the tragedy thad would have happened and as well as the sacrifice that cud ve been made by amaya….dis kind of twists are just rubbish…


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