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Median zing spoilers


Ragini and Swara do the Janamasthami puja with their respective husbands. Janmasthami is celebrated at their house as they do puja together after giving bath to Kanha ji with milk. Annapurna and Sujata made Kanha ji wear clothes, followed by Swara and Sanskar swing the swinger, and then Ragini and Laksh do the rituals. They are unhappy though because of the current situation. Swara couldn’t refuse to do the aarti and have to follow the rituals. All the couples do the aarti one by one. Ragini will throw Swara out of house. Swara will stay in Sanskar’s house and try to prove her innocence by bringing Ragini’s truth. Ragini has thrown Swara out of the house, so that she can take her relation forward with Laksh. Swara gets an idea and makes tent in the lawn. Sanskar is supporting Swara for her good motive. Swara and Sanskar decides to stay near the house, and that’s why make tent outside the house to keep eye on Ragini’s doings. Ragini will be shocked and think of other plan to trouble Swara and Sanskar.


Ranveer and Ritika get married. Ishani ties the ghat bandhan sadly and gets teary eyed. It is her big test as Ritika has forced Ishani to see her marriage with Ranveer. Ishani didn’t think that this situation will come in her life. Ritika tortures her shamelessly and asks her to do the ghat bandhan. Ishani has no choice, but to agree. Ranveer and Ishani are unhappy though, while Ritika is all happy after marrying Ranveer and achieving her dream.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is sitting with Dhruv and trying to find ring during their ring finding ceremony. Dhruv sits hurt and teary eyed. He is doing the ritual forcibly, as he knows that Bihaan is married to Thapki and not him. Thapki is oblivious to the truth and participates in the ritual happily. Dhruv loves Thapki very much and knows that Thapki is married to Bihaan. He couldn’t bear it any longer and gets up. Thapki says she is very happy as she is married to Dhruv. Dhruv picks the ring and throws in air. It falls near Bihaan. The truth will shock and shatter Thapki’s dreams.


Yuvraaj and Suhani are performing on Devdas song during Janamasthami celebrations. They look at each other with love, and emotions. The are looking unhappy though because of the differences between them. Suhani’s life will be all well in sometime because of Kanha ji.

Bhabhi ji GPH:

Tiwari ji went to theatre to watch a film, and sees twin brothers in it. He gets an idea and thinks to take jalebis for Vibhuti’s wife. Tiwari ji is beaten by his Amma while Vibhuti ji holds him. Amma ji enjoys beating her son. Vibhuti enjoys seeing him beaten as Tiwari ji was threatening him by showing knife. He tells he is Jagmohan Tiwari, a twin brother of Manmohan Tiwari. Amma comes and asks when did you born to me? Tiwari says when Manmohan was born, I was born too. Angori believes on Tiwari’s words and calls Amma saying her other son has come. Amma ji comes home and punches him. Finally Tiwari ji accepts that he is Manmohan Tiwari and not Jagmohan Tiwari. Amma ji beats him with belt when Tiwari ji scolds Angori for calling Amma and informing about his doings.


Raman gives milk to Ishita and makes her take rest. He sits by her side and massages her head until she sleeps. They get to know that Ishita is pregnant and are happy. Raman hides this fact from their family as there are many complications in Ishita’s pregnancy. They don’t want to disappoint family members until the pregnancy gets stable. Mrs. Bhalla gets suspicious about Raman’s excuses and thinks to enquire the matter. Soon there will be twist in the show and Ruhi will exit from the show.


Sarojini looks beautiful as a bride. Mayank comes with the baraat. Sarojini welcomes the groom and throws rice on him as a part of ritual, but it falls on Somendra instead. Mayank gets angry. Sarojini feels that God is signing her to marry Somendra, but stays silent and goes with the flow. Everyone is happy except Somendra and Sarojini. Somendra has been torturing himself and clicks Sarojini’s photo while she sits for her marriage with Mayank. It is tough time for Somendra and Sarojini.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Dayan has become bad spirit after her death and is targeting family members to achieve her motive. Simar is crying as Dayan is not leaving from their house. Dayan gets in Pari’s body and warns Simar that she will never leave her. Everyone ties Pari on to the chair, while Simar blames herself for the happenings. Mata ji consoles Simar and asks her to have strength. It will be interesting to see how Simar breaks Mohini’s moh jaal and save her family members.


There will be new entry in Yeh Rishta. Rashmi’s colleague and friend Sameer comes home and will be marrying Rashmi. The show will witness Rashmi’s second marriage. Naitik brings Sameer and gives her this special gift for Raksha bandhan.

Balika Vadhu:

Kundan attempted rape on Nimboli under the influence of his friend Madhav. Nimboli pleads to him to leave her. Nimboli is saved somehow and comes home. She gets depressed though and cries. Kamli and her husband Pushkar try to cheer her up. Pushkar becomes joker and makes her laugh with his act. Nimboli laughs. Kamli hugs her and tries to pacify her.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Neil comes on a horse, dressed up as a groom to Ragini’s home with the cheerful baraat. They are going to marry and are happy. Pam wants the marriage to happen fast as she came to know that Nivedita left from the hospital, where she sent her with Karan. Neil and Ragini’s kids are very happy with their parents union and marriage. Ragini makes Neil wear the garland and everyone laugh seeing Neil trying to skip wearing the garland to tease Ragini. Ragini somehow manages to put garland around his neck. They sit in the mandap to marry each other, but before marriage can happen Nivedita comes to stop the wedding. Pam stops her and asks her to talk to her. Nivedita will halt the wedding for sometime, but the marriage will happen eventually after some drama.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya has Dadi’s support to fight with Abhi’s enemies. Dadi asks Pragya to stand with her back towards her and talk to her silently. Pragya tells Purab’s name is everywhere in the papers. She says Aaliya has trapped him badly. She talks about some papers which she couldn’t find. When someone comes, Dadi and Pragya starts acting as if they are at loggerheads. Pragya is doing this on Dadi’s insistence and wants to teach a lesson to guilty. Pragya’s destiny has changed, she is acting strict but she is same, soft nature, clean hearted Pragya and wants good for her family. It is shown Dadi is the one who saved Pragya and brought her back to life when doctor declares her dead. With Dadi’s prayers, Pragya gets fine and decides to settle scores with Tanu and Aaliya to protect her husband.


There is a high voltage drama to happen during Vidya’s engagement function. Meera wants to stop the engagement and makes Vidya understand to refuse for the engagement. She came to know about Gaura’s truth and wants to save her sister Vidya from the conspiracy. Vidya refuses to agree to Meera’s sayings. Meera swallows the engagement ring inorder to stop the engagement, but Gaura asks her to take out the ring and hold on her neck angrily. When Meera insists again to stop the engagement, Vidya tries to push her and slaps mistakenly. Kokila scolds Meera with her heavy dialogues and declares that Meera will not attend Vidya’s marriage functions. She takes Meera to lock her in the room. Vidya feels bad that Meera will not attend the function. Dharam tries to stop Meera and starts acting, but Gopi and Ahem stops him. Gaura will continue her melodrama to trap everyone. Vidya will marry Shravan trusting Gaura and her family.



  1. i rly didn’t like MASTH.i mean hw tht ridiculuous ritika marry ranveer??? I mean she is murderer…how could the producer do this?????I am nt gonna wtch it anymore…..

  2. Pls include Badtameez dil spoilers next time…Eagerly waiting for that…pls its a humble request from me..pls telly reviews..and thanks for providing the above spoilers…?

  3. nothing to show that’s why they dragging this marriage drama long……I can’t believe myself why still reading the updates of marsh…I don’t know ,may b becoz I luv rv. but the writer r .making rv character so dumb


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