Ashok to harm Ishita to settle scores with IshRa…


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Ishita talks to Adi and gets to know his worry. She hugs him and convinces him to end his annoyance. Adi is annoyed as he feels Ishita will love him less after new baby comes. Ishita explains him that every child is loved equal by mum. She has some problems in her pregnancy. Ishita is still good in dealing with kids, elders and also enemies. Ishita goes with Sarika to support her higher studies. Mrs. Bhalla is worried that Sarika and Romi can have problem in their marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says it will be negative effect on Romi’s marriage if Sarika gets more educated than Romi. But Ishita explains Mrs. Bhalla that she will manage the home and supports Sarika in building her career.

Later, Ishita and Sarika get into an arugument with Ashok. Ishita slaps Ashok and this makes Ashok get revengeful against Ishita and her to be baby. Ishita tells Sarika not to worry for anything, as she is like her elder sister and will manage all the problems that come Bhalla’s family way. Ashok tells Suraj his plan to harm Ishita, so that Raman gets shattered after losing the baby. Ashok wants to turn Raman’s happiness into a big sorrow. While Raman and Ishita are not aware of Ashok’s plan, how will thinks take a turn to bring Shagun back in IshRa’s life? Keep reading.



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