Amaya to face Sneha’s wrath; Mantu on edge of “love belief”



Amaya breaks Mantu’s heart by marrying Rama. Then, she breaks his hope by her bitter words. Mantu believes Uma was right about Amaya. Mantu tries forgetting Amaya’s cheat and yet his heart believes what he has seen in Amaya’s eyes. Amaya and Sumitra have a tough competition between them. Sumitra gives a big shock to Amaya by bringing her in Mathur haveli. She asks Amaya to show her strength when her family hates her. Sneha and Rachita were considering to meet Amaya and know the real reason of taking this step to marry Rama. Rachita feels Amaya can never cheat them. Sneha gets eager to meet Amaya.


Just then, Sumitra and her family comes to occupy Mathur haveli, which shocks Sneha. Sumitra shows the property papers to Sneha, which has her sign taken by Amaya. Sneha recalls Amaya taking her sign on pretext of hospital formalities. Will Sneha be able to forgive Amaya now, after losing Rishi’s last gift to her. Sneha has much attachments with the haveli. Sumitra does the favor on them to allow Mathurs to stay with them. Amaya and Rama find it hard to stay close to Rachita and Mathurs, with situations changed…. How will Amaya keep Rachita’s truth and Sneha’s intact when Sumitra finds many ways to insult Mathurs? Keep reading.


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