Kokila gets fooled by Gaura’s grand sugary acts in Saathiya…


saathiya kokila

Kokila and Gaura are dressed in same way. Gaura competes with Kokila. They both are going to perform in Vidya’s sangeet. Gaura asks Kokila to dance for Vidya’s happiness. She wants to make Kokila dance on her fingers. The Modi family comes to Urmi house and Gaura welcomes everyone with showers. Gopi can sense Gaura’s planning behind Gaura’s oversweet behavior. Meera is missing from the sangeet. Gaura says Vidya’s face shows that Kokila has left Meera at home intentionally. Gaura goes to meet Meera at home.

Meera lights the diya in her hand and asks Gaura to say yes for the marriage, else she will not blow the diya. Gaura screams and asks Meera to move the diya. She pushes Meera and the diya falls over, which lights fire in the room. She wanted to blackmail Gaura to make her marry Shravan, as his proposal came for her first. Vidya dislikes Meera for her step to scare Gaura. Kokila gets angry on Meera. Gaura plans seeing Meera’s anger and jealousy towards Vidya, and gives Dharam’s proposal for Meera. Meera agrees to marry Dharam as per the upcoming twists.Will Kokila realize Gaura’s truth in time? Keep reading.


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