Dabbu and Dylan to have a live in relationship in Dilli Wali…



Vicky has fallen more to get his kids by winning the custody case. He wants to prove Binny mentally unfit to take care of Sonu and Monu. Mamta and LN support Binny, but Binny gets restless as someone is haunting her to make her lose the custody case. Dylan’s brother Abhimanyu will be playing a helpful role in Binny’s victory in the custody case. Dabbu gets to know Dylan has left for the airport. She gets restless to see Dylan leaving the country after freeing her of his love. Dabbu recalls Juliet’s words to give a chance to Dylan’s love and accept his proposal of live in relationship. She rushes to the airport to stop Dylan and end his fear from marriage by her love.

Dabbu stops Dylan on time, after Anji makes her realize not to lose love for any small issue. Anji explains Dabbu about the benefits of live in relationship. Dabbu agrees to Dylan for a live in. She keeps the condition that they will stay together for a month and then he has to either marry her or they will get separated. Dylan agrees and thanks her for understanding his fear towards marriage. Dabbu and Dylan decide to convince her sisters first. Dylan smartly convinces Eshu and Chandi. They all make a plan to convince LN and Mamta. The elders get unhappy with Dabbu’s decision of a live in. LN fears Dabbu will run away with Dylan if they oppose her. LN meets Dylan and tells him that they accept his live in condition, but asks Dylan to stay with Dabbu in their home. Dylan agrees to LN for staying in Thakur home. Dabbu has a month time to change Dylan’s mind and convince him for marriage. Will Dabbu succeed in ending Dylan’s commitment phobia? Keep reading.


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