Confusions and melodrama add up to Vibhuti’s kidnapping…



Tiwari ji went to theatre to watch a film, and sees twin brothers in it. He gets an idea and thinks to take jalebis for Vibhuti’s wife. Tiwari ji is beaten by his Amma while Vibhuti ji holds him. Amma ji enjoys beating her son. Vibhuti enjoys seeing him beaten as Tiwari ji was threatening him by showing knife. He tells he is Jagmohan Tiwari, a twin brother of Manmohan Tiwari. Amma comes and asks when did you born to me? Tiwari says when Manmohan was born, I was born too. Angori believes on Tiwari’s words and calls Amma saying her other son has come. Amma ji comes home and punches him. Finally Tiwari ji accepts that he is Manmohan Tiwari and not Jagmohan Tiwari. Amma ji beats him with belt when Tiwari ji scolds Angori for calling Amma and informing about his doings.

Later in the track, a big problem comes on Anita. Tiwari goes to console her and is glad knowing her problem. Vibhuti ji is kidnapped and ransom of 50000rs is demanded by the kidnappers. Anita is worried. The inspector tries helping Anita. Tiwari ji says he can’t do this, as he can never make Anita sad. Angoori pays real cash instead of fake notes, which makes Tiwari ji tensed. What will Tiwari ji do now? Keep reading.



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