Gopi’s fails to expose Gaura’s revenge motives in Saathiya…



Vidya’s sangeet is going on still and Modi family are happily enjoying her sangeet. Gopi and Ahem performed romantically to add stars to the sangeet. Urmila and Kinjal dances on Sheila Ki Jawani song and fight during dancing. Jigar and Pari dances with their sons. At the end Vidya and Shravan dance romantically looking in each other eyes, while Shravan is falling for Vidya, but Gaura and Dharam have other plans to take revenge from Kokila through troubling Vidya after marriage.

Gopi gets suspicious about Gaura. Gopi goes to Gaura’s home to spy on her. Gopi leaves from Vidya’s sangeet. She gets Gaura’s brother’s pic with garlands. She says why did Gaura lie to us that her brother died. She rushes to tell everyone. Dharam changes the pic and places his father’s pic instead his Mama’s pic. He confuses Gopi, when she calls Kokila and everyone. They all ask Gaura why does she apply sindoor when her husband died. Gaura says she does do as Dharam wanted to. Gopi is proved a liar. Kokila says I have seen Gaura’s brother and this pic is not his. They all get against Gopi. Gopi says how can this happen, I did not see this pic, it was something else. Kokila shouts not a word more and scolds Gopi. Shravan tries to support Gopi. Dharam scolds Shravan and asks him to shut his mouth. Dharam feels Shravan is mad about Vidya and believes Gopi more than his family. Kokila trusts Gaura a lot and her sympathy gets more for Gaura, knowing she is widow. What will Gopi do to expose Gaura’s truth? Keep reading.



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