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When I was watching TV like everyday I came across one promo for new serial Ishq ka rang safed. The catch point is in first sight itself promo won my heart. The concept the innocent face of the female lead and everything. I was very eager to watch the show. The episode one itself promised me something cute and good will happen. Guess What, yes the show is indeed like a poetry. Whenever I see the scenes of the lead I will feel like watching a poetry. But the only thing nagging me is the concept of treating widows as bad omen.


Today is 21st Century where everything changed. Widows are also given equal respect in society. But the concept of killing widow due to which she isn’t the reason for is very bad. They should showcase some good points for them not like everyone insulting them or harassing them. And more thing is that Dasharath should listen to his wife. He is not having one bit of respect or trust for his wife and having more for daughter in law. Whenever she is getting scold from him I feel very bad. Apart from this, I surely expect IKRS rocks the viewers’ hearts.

TR would like to thank CuteSweety/S Seetha for her input.


  1. This is one of the best written shows I have seen. It is a joy to watch and I look forward to the next episode. It also shows that people should not judge others without knowing all the information. As Viplav just helped Dhaani escape by giving her a ride. Out of kindness, he took her home respectably without fearing what others will say because he did nothing wrong.


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