Sid and Roshni accept Ayesha heartily in Jamai Raja


jamai raja211

Sid expresses his disappointed when Roshni decides to give Ayesha to a couple for adoption. While she packs Ayesha’s stuff, Sid asks her to keep Ayesha’s painting also. Although Roshni loves Ayesha, but she is doubtful if she will be able to take good care of the girl and therefore decides to let Ayesha stay with a childless couple. When the couple come to take Ayesha, Roshni realizes her motherly feelings towards Ayesha and refuses to let her go with the couple, going against DD. DD gets shocked and angry at Sid for adopting an orphan girl. After Sid and Roshni adopting Ayesha, the story will take a new turn.

Roshni has accepted Ayesha as her daughter. Roshni has hug Ayesha and asks her to call her Mamma and call Sid as Papa. Roshni was missing a baby after her miscarriage and found happiness with Ayesha. Ayesha asks if she will send her again. Roshni says no. Sid and Roshni hugs Ayesha together emotionally and happily. Soon Roshni and Sid will start romancing in the show, until some trouble comes up to hinder their romance. Keep reading.



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