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I agree with you sshine on TSM, initially she was shown as an educated vibrant and a no nonsense, strong girl, now she is being portrayed as an almost illiterate and doom girl who tolerates all that the older women are giving her, that’s unfair to her character, also Sneha her mother who was earlier shown as a mother who understands and stands up for her kids is now shown as a mother who does not know what her daughter is capable of, with all the negativity the show is bringing on, it is trying to portray women as fickle minded beings who can tolerate anything being thrown at them, it is also showing that there is no difference between an educated woman and an illiterate and also that women are weak which I beg to disagree it also shows that there is no place for true love in our society if someone can be compled to marry someone he or she does not love just as Rama and Amaya are compelled to leave their love and marry each other which according to me is not right, please writers of TSM, reverse the script and show some women power in the show, women are not weak individuals infact we are very strong,


I will also like to comment on Mere Angne Mein, don’t know if I spelt it correctly showing at Starplus, I stopped watching that show too because it is showing a mother can be very partial to her children and also how far a mother in-law can go to intimidate and mistreat her daughter- in-law, this show again portrays women in a very bad light as heartless and cruel who can go to any length to torture and humiliate the other woman who they feel they are stronger than, the worst of it is that the script writers does not include maybe a friend in the case of Amaya, and maybe an in-law or somebody in the family in the case of Kaushalya, Riya’s mother- in-law in Mere Angne Mein, which is so very sad.

These shows as portrayed by Starplus is showing women as being manipulative and cunning which is very unfair to the women folk, please Starplus if your admin personnel reads the writers of this show should do something about this shows so that it can become as interesting as in the beginning when the show started, i watch these shows all the way from Nigeria in West Africa through Star times and sometimes on line, and my mum also watches these shows, so please stop disappointing us all the search for trp.

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  1. My views about Mere Angane are really changing. I watch this serial in USA. Initially, I thought it was a fun family drama. But eventually it is turning out to be so negative. All the torture and humiliation face by kHUSHIYA is intolerable. I feel so much negativity after seeing this serial. It makes me feel sad that women can treat other women in such a way. The character of Nani and Sarla is so cunning and devilish. My request to StarPLus is to show some positivity in the serial otherwise i will stop seeing the serial.

  2. I hate the character of dadi. How is it the Rugua is such I wimp. Come on guys. Sara and dadi are the mean and you need to show so kind of positives in this show. It’s too negative. To the point that after watching the show I wished Dadi dead

  3. Nice write up, lizzy. True star plus seems to come up with only negative serials off late. I cant understand potrayal of kushiya, do you have to be spineless to maintain family harmony?? How can she be humiliated like this by sarla and shanthi?

  4. I think there so much negeity about relationships she only care about her daughter family that not fair at all II like those characters sarla and shan’t at the beginning of searal but right I even don’t like to watch seral because they think about themselves and treat everyone fairly especially shan’t I mean wake those are son kids why treating them badly please show some positive effect on the searal otherwise people are losing interest of watching but please show rriya riya to show have some positive effect we like this seral no offence

  5. Guys, I’m sorry you feel this way about MAM, but that is what the show is about, when Riya comes she’s going to fix everything, the show are sticking to what they said they will portray.

  6. Tere sheher mein current track very borring Rama and amaya not a good couple. The story running in a different track actually story was
    lost how amaya will find out about rishi death as a dads super girl
    with the help of mantu.what abt the 3 yrs contract as a pa vth dev
    ??? Now totally changed towards sumitra and to extend story kangana introduced
    Please connect back to main story den it vl interesting
    Presently running routine sas bhahu story. Mantu and amaya was good pair


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