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Its my views about Tere Sheher Mein and Swaragini among all. TSM is showing women in bad light. Not all women are such bad even if they happen to be villagers or small town women. Amaya was shown educated in Paris and still the girl is bearing so many evil tortures of illiterate bad cultured and no manners women. Amaya doesn’t have guts to face wrong doers. Her acceptance to tortures makes her wrong also. There should be some limit of family politics. TSM crossed limits of humiliation and bad games.


Same way with Swaragini. It has sister’s names clubbed in title to express their unity despite the fact of being step sisters. Sisters have become enemies to outdo each other by long boring planning. They are giving wrong examples of sisters and true love. Women are shown as cruel… selfish… evil… and negative… Please don’t make vamps such bad to make good started entertaining shows unbearable by high tortures. It feels bad watching TSM and Swaragini nowadays. Please show women of their strength and positivism…. that’s good things to provide nice happy time watching the story….

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  1. i agree with you sshine on TSM, initially she was shown as an educated vibrant and a no nonsense, strong girl, now she is being portrayed as an almost illiterate and doom girl who tolerates all that the older women are giving her, that’s unfair to her character, also Sneha her mother who was earlier shown as a mother who understands and stands up for her kids is now shown as a mother who does not know what her daughter is capable of, with all the negativity the show is bringing on, it is trying to portray women as fickle minded beings who can tolerate anything being thrown at them, it is also showing that there is no difference between an educated woman and an illiterate and also that women are weak which i beg to disagree it also shows that there is no place for true love in our society if someone can be compled to marry someone he or she does not love just as rama and amaya are compled to leave their love and marry each other which according to me is not right,please writers of tsm, reverse the script and show some women power in the show, women are not weak individuals infact we are very strong,
    i will also like to comment on mere agne me, don’t know if i spelt it correctly showing at starplus, i stopped watching that show too because it is showing a mother can be very partial to her children and also how far a mother in-law can go to intimidate and mistreat her daughter- in-law, this show again portrays women in a very bad light as heartless and cruel who can go to any length to torture and humiliate the other woman who they feel they are stronger than, the worst of it is that the script writers does not include maybe a friend in the case of Amaya, and maybe an in-law or somebody in the family in the case of kausalaya, Riya’s mother- in-law in mere agne me,which is so very sad.

  2. these shows as portrayed by starplus is showing women as being manipulative and cunning which is very unfair to the women folk, please starplus if your admin personnel reads the writers of this show should do something about this shows so that it can become as interesting as in the beginning when the show started, i watch these shows all the way from Nigeria in West Africa through Startimes and sometimes on line, and my mum also watches these shows, so please stop disappointing us all the search for trp.

  3. Tam has become senseless. Shows women in bad light as cunning and caniving with no sense. It’s shame that Amu who was so strong to start with is putting up with all this sends wrong message to people that it’s ok to treat women how they wish in name of family & honor. Stop this stupidity as for county that wants women to be equal poetry them to be so weak & think it’s ok to treat in this manner with domestic abuse in name of family & honor. They should think of social message this is sending & government should ban this

  4. In swaragini raginis character has been showing very badly but tricks daily going on incresing but there is no end of her misdeeds and when would that come that her wrong doings are exposed it is being too late and swara is doing noting and others like lakshy are not even able to see anything without fear ragini is going on blaming swara and sanskar how many days this drama would continue still by seeing this in real life to no would have faith noting it has been geting worse day by day i have seen the post about molestation it has gone far away buy this time truth has to be exposed day by it is going worse i plead to show the truth coming out and love of both swasan and wind it fast its before too much late and everyone stop seeing the serial

  5. I dnt follow TSM so much but swaragini… its dragging now its high time swara wins coz here they potraying evil over good …. not happening…


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