Gayatri and Rana ji bond by wrong plannings working in their favor… and fate….



Gayatri has got a makeover and looks stunning post her marriage. It looked like a beautiful rose petals flower path and no one has seen thorns hidden in it. Rana ji did not give her his wife’s place, but seeing her in pain, he has lifted her and her pain was gone. Gayatri gets glad. Rana ji sits caring for Gayatri’s feet.

Rana ji lifts her and she smiles feeling its like a dream. Rana ji takes care of her hurt feet. He used to hate Gayatri and it felt he will not love her so soon, but thanks to Kokila, her tries are making them close. Gayatri walked on thorn only for Rana ji. Gayatri manages to lift the heavy silver plates by bearing the pain. She completed the ritual and then fell down. Then there came a romantic twist, where Rana ji lifted her seeing her fall. Gayatri says it’s a dream for her, as he lifted her. Rana ji is protective for his queen, he is saving Gayatri seeing her hurt and sees his first wife in her. Rana ji takes her safely and does the aid. Gayatri has to be ready to face many troubles ahead. Keep reading.


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