Meera to trouble Gaura-Dharam and Modis in Saathiya…



Meera has married Dharam and became Vidya’s mum in law. Dharam asks Gopi to welcome his bride and brings Meera. Gopi gets shocked seeing Meera as Dharam’s wife. Gopi scolds Meera and asks why did she do this. Meera has a strong reason to do this marriage. Kokila gets shocked seeing Dharam and Gaura laughing. Dharam says my wife will do Vidya and Shravan’s grah pravesh. Kokila wants to get an answer from Gaura.

Meera is very sharp, no one can stand infront of her traps. Now Dharam and Gaura are supporting Meera and they have made a team now. Meera argues with Dharam and pushes him from the stairs. Dharam falls down. Gaura gets angry and slaps Meera. Dharam and Gaura get angry as Meera has started getting against them. They get confused seeing her dual nature. Meera and Vidya have come together back in Modi house. The family breaks ties with Meera. Meera starts troubling Vidya being her new mum in law. Whose side is Meera eventually? Keep reading.



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