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KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi dearly misses Pragya. Abhi talks to the doll. He makes the doll wear the specs like Pragya and assumes the doll to be Pragya. Pragya takes care of him seeing him drunk and upset. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and tells her how much he misses his old Pragya. Abhi wants Pragya to become like before, he feels Pragya is lost in glamour world, he is unable to bear her new changes. Abhi confesses love to Pragya and hugs her. He is actually drunk and loses his senses and annoyance too. There is something between them, so they come close by unwanted situation. They come closer and share their pain, and also love each other being needed to express in that moment. Pragya kisses Abhi and he laughs being drunk. Abhi thinks he is imagining Pragya and speaks his heart out. She gets touched by his love confession and his true feelings for her. Pragya wears her specs and becomes old Pragya for Abhi.



Meera has married Dharam. Dharam shows his rude angry side to Meera. Meera warns Dharam and asks him to leave from her room. Dharam scolds Meera and pushes her. He asks her to get lost from his sight. He says Meera will have to pay for her doings. Dharam asks her not to think they can have any relation. Meera knows this marriage is just to show Modi family and take revenge from them. She was thinking to rule in her inlaws. Dharam pushes her on the ground and yells on her. Meera asks did he go mad and argues. Meera has broken her family’s heart and now she is scared of Dharam. Meera will have tough time to manage Dharam and Gaura. Dharam lifts her and puts her at a corner to sleep. Meera cries. Dharam’s first wife enters in the show, and she meets Gopi in the market. The twist comes as the helpless woman gets in Modi Bhavan after Gopi brings her home with sympathy.


Raman prays to the Lord and cries. The show is getting big twists after Ashok planned to kill Ishita. Raman gets bad vibes about his family being in danger. Raman prays to Ganpati Bappa at Pammi’s home. Raman cries after knowing the problem. He is scared as someone has kidnapped Simmi. He fears to lose Simmi and wants to tell Ishita. Simmi will reach hospital and Rinki will get murdered. Raman and Ishita will be having a thriller suspense track.


Prabhu Deva has come in the show for a special appearance to be part of Sid and Roshni’s happiness. Prabhu dances in the adoption ceremony party and makes it rocking. Sid and Roshni dance along. Ayesha has got a mother in Roshni. Roshni is happy to become a mother.


Ragini’s blame is creating much drama in the show. Swara wants to prove Ragini wrong and stands against her. Adarsh’s girlfriend has come home too. Ragini’s blame on Sanskaar irks Swara. Ragini provokes Swara to find out clues. Sweara tells about someone in the kitchen who has run away and she has seen the footprints. Swara shows the gold chain she found on the floor and tells the possibility, like Ragini cooked the story. Swara gives a demo on Ragini again by dragging her to kitchen and repeats the stepwise story what Ragini stated. Swara proves her wrong. Swara also exposes Lovely hiding in the big trunk. Everyone get shocked seeing Adarsh’s GF. Lovely blackmails Adarsh. Lovely has grey shades and Swara has exposed her. Ragini gets tensed after Swara proves her wrong.


Rocky has fixed a GPS tracker in Chakor’s friendship band. He has made Chakor wear it to know Chakor’s location. Vaibhavi’s truth is exposed to Rocky and now he wants to show her truth to the entire world. Chakor lands in problem with Vaibhavi. Rocky gets to know Chakor got missing and tracks her location. He reaches there with the police. Rocky asks Chakor to run from here, else she will be in big problem. Vaibhavi gets shot and dies in the show.


Suhani and Yuvraaj’s Grah pravesh is next. Pratima does their aarti, tilak and grah pravesh. Everyone appear happy finally and Dadi could not stop the wedding. Yuvraaj and Suhani have remarried and Suhani is entering the home for the second time. They are making a new start. Yuvraaj promises Suhani that this new start will be very beautiful and happy for them. Suhani is in fairyland now. as Dadi has accepted her. Yuvraaj’s love confession has made Dadi accept Suhani. Yuvraaj jokes he will not lift Suhani as he does not wish to get a backache, he is not so strong. Suhani gets annoyed. Their nok jhok starts and looks sweet after long sad track.


Somendra and Sarojini are asked not to meet till some rituals and puja are done. Somendra was falling from the stairs and Sarojini saves him. She helps Somendra and Dushyant scolds her for breaking the old traditions of seeing her husband before completing the rituals. Dushyant gives a long note on his rules and punishes Sarojini. Dushyant orders Sarojini to walk on hot coal as her Agnipariksha. Sarojini walks on hot coal and gets her feet hurt to prove her innocence. The ladies of the home do not have courage to go against Dushyant and become silent watches of Sarojini’s pain.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Dhaani scolds Viplav for putting red clothes on her, knowing she is a widow. She calls him a devil and gets angry on him for changing her clothes. Viplav realizes to hold some feelings for Dhaani which are slowly growing in his heart. He breaks his engagement. Viplav’s mum Kanak beats Dhaani in the middle of the market. Kanak scolds Dhaani blaming for her bad character to trap her son. Dhaani is helpless and is getting punished for the crime she did not do. Viplav’s mum pulls Dhaani’s hair and beats her. She humiliates Dhaani infront of everyone. The people look on. Durga comes to Dhaani’s rescue being unable to bear the ill treatment. She saves Dhaani from Kanak. She stands against Kanak and goes to slap her. Kanak holds Durga’s hand and they both get into an argument. Viplav has broken his engagement with Tania. Tania got heartbroken seeing Viplav and Dhaani at the ghat in awkward situation. Tripurari manages the situation to help Dasharath but his mother Durga helps Dhaani.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya keeps the Teej fast for Shivam. Sahil teases Riya and jokingly makes her have food. Riya’s Teej fast breaks and Riya informs the same to Shanti. Shanti gets glad in her heart and uses this as a good chance to create a rift between Kaushalya and Riya. Shivam falls off the stairs by slipping and Shanti puts the blame on Riya, who has done abshagun by breaking her Teej fast. She triggers Kaushalya and her love for Shivam. She tells Kaushalya that its bad omen if a wife breaks the fast kept for her husband, and it may make the husband lose his life too. Shanti takes advantage of the fact that Riya has less knowledge about the rituals. Kaushalya scolds Riya and fumes on her for being incapable to keep one fast for Shivam.

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  1. Suhaani is something looks like 1990,s

    Serial.. Y this serial is telecasting now… When suhanni entered in the bifla house.. They could have managed daddi to accept and some thing.. And can give a happy end.. Again y bahavana husband kills… Sympathy gaining serial.. Nothing else. ..

  2. I think all star plus serials … One by one becoming the boring serials from ever …and also only evil wins … Even yhm also took a share in that……such a lovely serial… Essence of the serial is thrown out .. And some melodrama like surrogancy. Rinky murder.. Y do u show some murders like in the serial…. Full of boring Hindi drama… Years and years..

  3. Nonsensical stories. and people are encouraging watching such unrealistic ones. What’s happening in Saathiya, YHM. Pls stop the non sense. Give chance to new directors with fresh stories. Enough of all the drama which is never ending. I’ve quit watching all the serials.

    • What about unrealistic tracks in ssk and other serials? I think all serials are almost on the same track, especially Rashmi and ekta’s serial.

      • Why don’t people stop watching them. They are teaching and preaching more negativity by showing so much rivalry and unrealistic illogical tracks.


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