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I am taking this chance to write about Saathiya..I m a big hater of dz serial..C’mn guys what d hell you are showing in this serial.. family dramas were entertained before but not nw.. show us something different.. why did u plan this GAURA N DHARAM characters in this serial..if she has other home how cud she stay in friend’s house for so many days. What happen to kokila..she can dominate anyone with her long loudy speech, then why not Gaura.. anyone can enter in your house and humiliate your grand daughter you can be ok with that.. c’mn you even stop your family member for attending her sis marriage to satisfy your friend… the writers of serial.. how cud you make Meera get married to Dharam….

To where human relations are going..think something different.. Meera grown 12years with her family and she cant remember anything about family and became that so rude only in 10years..how can she be so spoilt being so calm in childhood.
Don’t show like girls are born to get married and be at home involving planning family problems. Meera Vidya are this generation girls… well educated.. show them like working women are working on passion like that..stop all this cunning melodramas and lengthy dialogues, loudy voice expressions. .

Same with Sasural simar ka… always so creep melodrama.. sometimes black magic sometimes dayan.. icchadari naaginn …. what you are showing to people.. you are taking us backward not forward.. heros of serial kept aside.. ladies fight always.. stop this serial or take a leap.. make it entertaining with children of present leads…

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  1. I also want leap in ssk it will be interesting there are four sons in bhardwaj house pari son,khushi son,janvi son,and uma bhabi son which they are not showing from many episodes and simar has two daughters and roli have no child now roli should give birth to two daughters one name can be simar and she will be look alike of simar and simar daughter anjali should be look alike of roli then show will be interesting

  2. I agree with u.. Satthiya is really boring serial.. I already stopped watching this serial regularly.. When I read the update in tellreviews about saathiya . it’s really so annoying… Stop this serial… And encourage some different youtb shows… Who the hell are staying with saas now a days… Every women is working now a days.. Now u show in the serial even men are jobless.. They could have shown meera and vidya working.. They could have shown some love story than this melodrama.. Writers of this serials are still in 1990’s.. They just repeating the serial.. Again what are the things that happened with raashi and gopi.. They are repeating the same scenes with meera and vidya.. What is this bakwaas . how can meera maary to dharam…how could his accept it though he know about his wife.. Where the human relations aree going.. Revenge shows..

  3. nothing can ever happen good in saathiya….always bad wins. good ends up in troubles again and again in winning over bad. there won’t be happiness even after success in saathiya. i was happy when gopi took a good step in bringing back vidya home but i read the spoilers, vidya is gonna return to her inlaws for the sake of meera. some way or the other there will never be peace in saathiya. moreover, there’s no value for relationships in saathiya. marrying the father in law of vidya isn’t a solution to take revenge against modis. no respect for elders etc., if she wanted to take revenge, she would have married her own boy friend sanskaar. atleast he is of her age group and the audiences would have accepted. but marrying a man who is of the age of her father? is this the solution….?

    kokila deserves all the insult for not listening to gopi and meera about gaura and dharam. how can she trust her friend more than her family? she deserves that….never again she will repeat such mistakes. great lesson for kokila modi.

    if shravan loves vidya so much, he should have left home with her immediately the same night when he came to know that his father has married meera. why couldn’t he take such step?

  4. this serial is a crap….these days i am not even interested to read those written updates also. agar meera ki bas chale to vo vidya ke sasur ji se nahi, apni sasur se shaadi kar legi….i mean gaura’s husband. meera is being shown very ruthless. kokila’s big mouth has the capability of opening only infront of her family but not outside. she has got a very good lesson for the life time


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