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When Dream Girl started off, I thought it was a really good show with a new story worth the watch but as the show progressed, it became too Ayesha – centric for my liking. They used to focus so much on Ayesha that sometimes I couldn’t even remember if she was the antagonist or not. I was more of a SaMi fan and thus wanted to watch more scenes involving them than Ayesha’s plotting and scheming. I feel like they weren’t given enough importance despite the scope of a good story that could revolve around them.

I am actually enjoying the current track as Ayesha has finally been exposed of everything she has done till date which was such a great relief! However, she justifies herself by saying that Lakshmi got it too easy and she didn’t have to struggle as much as she did thus it’s not fair for her to be the bearer of the Dreamgirl tag which I feel is a weak argument because it’s not Lakshmi’s fault that she got it easier than Ayesha. It’s not her fault that Ayesha had to struggle so much, Ayesha should have been a little more mature given how long she’s been in the film industry.


Moreover, she blames Karan for being a horrible sibling because he joined forces with her enemies and went against her and got her jailed; however, she doesn’t seem to remember when she framed him in a fake mms scandal and ruined his whole career and reputation. Also she taunts Samar for being an immature spoilt brat but is it his fault that he was born a Sareen and got it easier than she did? Why does it make a difference to her what he does to his career when all she cares about is herself?

TR would like to thank Team DG for the wonderful input and clear distinct views on the show’s varied tracks.

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  1. i agree with you, now the show is no more ayesha centric. the current track is going good. but lakshmi is again getting confused about her relationship with samar. this isn’t a good turn. if lakshmi is portrayed that way, her character will be ruined. it means that she actually isn’t in love with samar. she should first be clear with her relationships. if lakshmi fails to decide between karan and samar, the public’s opinion on her character will become even worse

    its high time now, i think ayesha should be exposed before the public. lakshmi’s career has been ruined because of ayesha. lakshmi’s image has been damaged. if ayesha gets exposed, lakshmi will be proved innocent and she can get a second chance.the story started with the dreams and aims of a small town girl, so i feel the track should be concentrated on realizing her aspirations. the love triangle must be ended soon and it would be better if lakshmi choses samar again over karan, not because of the sareen tag but samar is her raj samosevala


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