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I love the show Suhani Si Ek Ladki. I am a big fan of Suhani. I got glad seeing Yuvraaj and Suhani’s marriage. I read spoilers today and something new fresh track now. Suhani is very sweet and innocent girl. I always wished Yuvraaj and Suhani should clear their differences and love blossom between them. The current track is showing their misunderstandings created by Dadi got cleared, and they confessed love to each other and planning to getting married.

I was surprised seeing Dadi planning all the events of marriage like Sangeet, Mehendi. I don’t know why and how suddenly Dadi accepted Suhani as her bahu. How she changed her values of beauty and harsh attitude towards Suhani. I m getting a déjà vu that stiff Chandrakala Birla did not change. I like to see Rags-Menka comedy, but hate their bad plans and humiliation for Suhani. Dadi is playing any new tactic to separate Yuvraaj and Suhani like she did in the past. I can’t believe Dadi can change. I want to see Yuvraaj Suhani sweet Nok-Jhok, Suhani looks bubbly during nok jhok. I wish they have good life from now on till the end of the show. Though I don’t want SSEL to end soon. I just wish seeing Suhani smiling. I want just positivity between Suhani and Birlas. Nice association between families is such good feeling to watch and get entertained. Please remove the creepy haunting Rishi from Bhavna’s life….. I wish no upsetting or dramatic track comes….

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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  1. i lyk ur post.bt v can’t xpect nly gud thngs to happen in serials ryt;) iam taking dis chance to write abt saathiya..im a big hater of dz serial..c’mn guys wat d hell ur showng in dz serial.. family dramas were entertained before but not nw.. show us smthng difrnt.. why did u plan dz GAURA N DARAM chactrz in dz serial..if she has othr home hw cud she stay in frn house fr so many days.
    what happen to kokila..she can dominate anyone vth her lamba n loudy speech y not gaura.. anyone can enter in ur house n humiliate ur grand daughtr u can b ok vth dat.. c’mn yar u even stop ur famly membr fr attendng her sis marrg to satisfy ur frn…
    n writers of serial.. hw cud u make meera married to daram.. to where human relations r going..think smthng difrnt yar.. meeraa grwn 12yrz vth her famly n she cant remembr anythng abt famly n became dat so rude nly in 10yrs..hw can she b so spoilt being so calm in childwood.
    n dont shw lyk girls r born to get marrd n b at home involvng planing famly prblms.meera vdya r dz generatn girls well educated.. show dem lyk workin women r working on passion lyk dat..stop all dz cunning melodramas n lengthy dilogs n loudy voice expressions.yar plzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. n same to sasural simar ka… always so creep melodrama.. smtmz black magic sometimes dayan.. icchadari naaginn…what ur shwng to ppl.. ur taking us backward not forward.. heros of serial kept aside.. n always chalo ladies fyt.. stop dz serial r take a leap.. make it entertaing vth children f presnt leads..plzz

  3. Yes.. Satthiya serial is bakwaas
    . I agree with u .. How could meera marry to dharam… Such a stupid melodrama.. This serial is full of respect initially.. How could she talk to her mother lime that.. Don’t make viewers foolish,.. Byvur melodrama… End this serial soon.. Start something new..


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