Rinki’s death to break families; Mihika found at fault…


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Ashok has made the CD reach Ishita to make her against Raman. Ishita has got the CD in which she sees Raman and Shagun close. Her trust gets broken and she argues with Raman. She gets shattered and feels Raman has cheated her. Raman gives her the explanation of the cold storage lock and how that intimacy was necessary to save Shagun. Ishita feels Raman is guilty. Mihir asks Abhishek to say did he find Rinki, they have to find her. Abhishek informs the Bhalla family that Rinki is killed. Mihir and the family gets heartbroken and shocked. They did not imagine this would happen. Mrs. Iyer hugs Mrs. Bhalla and consoles her.


Mihika shoots pistol during playing balloon game at the mela. Ishita reaches the mela and Rinki’s boyfriend lies to her showing Rinki’s messages for him. Rinki’s BF has done conspiracy against Rinki and confuses Ishita with his lies. Mihika targets the balloon and fires the pistol oblivious to the fact that it was fake pistol. Rinki was hiding behind the balloon game board and gets shot. Rinki’s boyfriend knows all and is mastermind of the conspiracy. He wanted to kill Rinki through Mihika and got successful. Rinki feels pain after she gets shot. Mihika is still oblivious and thinks she has hit the balloon. There is possibility that if Rinki dies, then Mihika will marry Mihir in the show. The relations between Iyers and Bhallas will be changing post Rinki’s death. Keep reading.


  1. i hate raman&shagun closeness. Raman is so rude, angry man &careless. he is not care about ishita’s emotions. Please stop raman&shagun track. Raman&shagun not good look to gether. ishita is better than shagun. i am dissappointed Raman’s behaviour with ishita.


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